Change Vat Number or Refund Invoice 176875785

Due to a mistake on my part I used the wrong account to make the purchase. Is it possible to change VAT number (correct 802007940) on the invoice or at the very least refund the order so I can re do it with the proper credentials. It is about the modules purchased with order ID 176875785.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best Regards,

You definitely cannot adjust the info on it - you can ask for a refund and see if they will do it but this is not technically covered by the usual reasons

If the item is already downloaded, you won’t be able to get the refund because of you put the VAT wrong.

What you can do/try, you can ask the item author if they are OK to refund the previous purchase if you re-purchase it with the correct account ( but you need to purchase it first then they may accept the refund for the previous purchase )