Change to AudioJungle landing page - new 'recommended audio files'

Just noticed using my PC web browser that there’s a new section at the top of the AJ landing page called ‘Recommended audio files’ with five tracks (sitting above the featured files). This doesn’t show up on the mobile version of the site.

I’m curious to know how this works! e.g. What is the criteria for tracks to be shown here? Do we all see the same tracks or is it somehow personalised to the person viewing the page? How often will it change? etc. etc.

The tracks I can see include two top selling authors, one of whom has two tracks listed. Looking at the tracks shown I suspect the selection is personalised and somehow linked to my browsing history etc.

From what I expirienced I can tell that it’s not showing even on different PC’s
I have Notebook and desktop PC and both have Google Chrome
On Notebook I see recommended audio and nothing on main PC
And those files are all different for every user

With a bit more experimentation I’ve established they only show up if you are logged onto your Evanto/AJ account and they are definitely personalized for the individual.

I think the idea is to bring buyers’ attention to tracks that they may find interesting on the basis of their AJ browsing history.

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I also see this new section. On safari, chrome and even on portable devices.