Change structure in Font Awesome

I am going to use Font Awesome free package. Can I put all the fonts in one file and put my custom fonts at the end?

It means a single font consisting of all, for example with the name:


and font name:

font-family: 'Font Awesome;

Is this against the rules?

You could but you shouldn’t

I did not catch
There are currently 3 categories of fonts available:

  1. fa-solid-900.woff2
  2. fa-regular-400.woff2
  3. fa-brands-400.woff2
    I want all these 3 to become one
    And in the next step, I will change some fonts and finally add some fonts that I made myself

you shouldn’t do that because in that way you are modifying the core functionality of Font Awesome and your customer will loss the ability to customize the font as they like. If you want to add your own made font you can.