Change slider content of demo

Ho there,
I havew purchased the Photography theme including the Revolution Slider.
I have imported the demo data.
Now I want to change the pictures of the slider, but where do I find that / how can I manage that?
I think it´s a small stupid question, but I didn´t find it.
Thanks a lot


Hope this will help you Add/Edit Text, Images, Video, Buttons and Icons of Revolution Slider.


Yeah, this is helpfull for my next project. Thank you!
BUT where is the content or page which is displayed when you open the site
This is the demo contens, which I cannot find to replace.


For getting demo content you have to import demo (if the theme exist one click demo import features). Please go with theme documentation and also you can contact theme author to get their support about it.


  • In the WordPress admin area in the left hand side menu there is a menu item called Slider Revolution.

  • Click on it. Now you can see all the slides you have.

  • Just click on the slider you want to change.

  • Now you can see every single slides of a slider.

  • Click on one of them.

And now here you can use the tips linked by @mgscoder :

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