Change "Search results for:" text on the search page

Hello there and greetings :slight_smile: I am working on a website I created using Wordpress and Avada.
I stumble upon occasional problems which require me to dive deep inside the world of PHP files just to be able to change one little thing. For one tiny stuff, i need hours of php searching (I don’t know how to program with php)

My problem right now is the following: on search pages,such as THIS I have text that is not translated to italian, the “Search results for:” bit. I tried searching on the PHP files of the theme, searchform.php and pages PHP but can’t seem to find the text to manually change it (trust me I searched lots of .php files for a few hours).
Anyone know where that bit of text is exactly located? Or how to find where it’s located? Any help is appreciated.
Cheers :slight_smile: