change order of sections

in a template (Surreal Studio, HTML5, Parallax) i took all of the “Service” code and put it ahead of the “Portfolio” section. I successfully made the Service section the first section, but for some reason the content is aligning right and snapping back into place once I scroll to the section. Any idea why this is happening, does anybody have a solution?
Thanks in advance!


It is recommended that you contact the author of that purchased item for support.

The Envato forums are not intended to be buyer support and would get a better response from the author.

i did already, i contacted the author several times in several ways form about a week now and this nice fellow doesn’t answer at all. Reaction: ZERO.
I’m very disapointed, nobody seems to be interested, the customer-service is very bad…
So, thank you for your recommendation, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.


You should then state that in your original post so people know this.

It’s hard to offer support on another authors theme without knowing it.

Which then normally takes ‘time’ to familiarize and learn a little about.

For this reason, you may be required to seek out paid services for it.

It’s a shame that the author is not responding though, unfortunately, not a lot I can suggest regarding that.

It would require looking at the code and what you’re doing to offer support on it.

If you’d like, you can check out the Envato Studio, or contact us privately via our profile for an inquiry.

We will charge of course, as will most other people, but it’s the only other suggestion I can offer you.

Best of luck!

Thank you very much and all the best from good old Europe!