Change of color theme or not

I want to know that can I change the colors of theme called droow or not , because I want to change it’s color theme into yellow or some other gradient , the theme link below so please let me know it’s possible or not to change the theme colors , I don’t want that black n white color which already on that theme.

That theme have two color dark and light
Do you have any other question about that item before purchase then you can ask your question right here as a comments with that item author @design_grid

hope they will answer your question

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@design_grid please let me know can I change the theme colors or not , I mean to say can I change these dark n light colors into any other colors or not ?

@design_grid please tell me that can I change the light n dark color of droow theme or not ?

Hi @abdulghanichishti195, please go to theme comments page and ask the question directly to the theme author by posting a comment there. theme author will answer your query. In forum not all authors are active. Thanks

oh, got it thank you so much.

please guide me where is the theme comment section ?

Comments page link already provided in the first reply of this topics.

Yes, this option is available.