change membership plugin to another

is it possible to change membership plugin to another ?

Hey, could you elaborate a bit further? Is this a question about a specific item you’ve bought from here?

i have add some in my list i will pick one of them but im asking bcz maybe in future i will try to change it… im just asking if its possible or not bcz when u googled some ppl said yes other said no …

but i think its depend on the plugin type

It will depend on the individual plugins - most likely you can do it but that it may require some clever modifications with the databases to transfer existing members correctly with all their info

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its very hard pick specially for long term website… i will take my time to pick one
thanks for replay

You’ve added some what in your list? You will try to change what? Some people said yes regarding what, and some people said no regarding what?

its ok i got the right answer from Mr. charlie4282