Change Licensee | Soaz Woocommerce Theme | Magentech

Dear all,

Last year my former business partner purchased the Soaz WooCommerce theme (author ‘magentech) for developing our Wordpress website. Unfortunately she has left the company (in good terms). As I need to update/renew the license + support I need to change the ‘Licensee’ from my (former) business partners’ account to my account. My BP agrees with this and has shared all License Certificate details. What would be the next step for changing accounts / Licensee holders? I do hope that this is possible.

Thanks for you support in advance.

Kind regards,


Hello @CheStefano

I’m sorry but the possibility to transfer a theme from one account to another is not available.

You can not benefit from future updates. I’m afraid the only option is to purchase the theme from your account so you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with it.

You can also contact Envato Market Help and Support for more information.