Change language in adforest.scriptsbundle theme almond

I’m french and I choose adforest. I want to change language in the theme almond. For example, I want to change “search” by “chercher” or “select an option” by “choisissez” etc…

Can’I do it ?

Thank for your answers !

(sorry, my English is very bad…)

Bonjour! :smiley:

I will tag the author of that theme @ZookaStudio

They will probably know best.



You can use free plugin like: loco translate to translate these words. If you want to create a multilingual site (2 or more languages on a same site) you can use WPML plugin.


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Thank you very much for you answer. Then I used loco translate but I have one problèm. You can see on the picture. “select an option rest in English” “Qu’est ce que tu cherches” is not a good translation.
Can’I go in the php to found the sentences and translate ?