Change date settings in Event booking pro


i downloaded the event booking pro to my wordpress website yesterday. Overall i am very pleased with it, but i have a few problems. In my country we don’t use the date setting pm and am. We use the setting “17:30” or “01:45”. I tried to change it by the settings but it doesn’t appear on the event like that.

I have another problem. My event usually exist in 2 moments, my workshop includes 2 moments that people can come to my studio. But when i try to insert this in the document en i look at the example in my website, people have to choose between these two moments en that is not how it should be. You understand? Maybe i need to explain a little more. I organize workshops in ceramic arts and 1 moment people come to create there stuff and the other moment they come to color it.

Can somebody help me on this?

thank you