Change color of part of the text in a text box

I only see an option to change the color of the font in the entire text book. I just want to change the color of two words for emphasis. I tried using font css but it didn’t work.

Hi @Amandah86,

Welcome to the forums! It depends on where you want to change the text, but in general this should work:

Quisque vestibulum elit a tempus tempor. <span class="inline-color">Sed pellentesque porttitor pharetra.</span> Integer semper diam a ex condimentum volutpat. Proin odio risus, tristique dictum orci at, fringilla aliquet quam.

.inline-color { color: #000000; }


Thank you. I just want to change a couple of words within a text block. I’m looking at youtube and I don’t seem to have some of the elements that others have in there.

Can you provide that code in English? Where do I put the text I want to change color?

Is there an easier way to just change the color of a word in the text block?

Thanks again

Oh lord never mind I found the advanced text editor!! Thanks!

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This is just a sample text, what’s important is this part:

<span class="inline-color">This text will have different color</span>

You put it somewhere inside your current text, wherever you wish to change it’s color. As far as I’m concerned there’s no easier way to do this (well, unless you have access to advanced text editor :slight_smile: ).