change color nav bar sahifa

Dear reader,

I want thesame as someone asked 4 years ago:

Hi, Is there any way to change the color of the main nav bar from black to another color?

… but I do not understand the answer below:

Hi, yes just make your changes on the images/main-menu-bg.png … the full path of it for example

I cannot find this image, clicking the url above leads to nowhere… and besides it must be somewhere hidden in the theme, rigth? Otherwise it would not show…

Please could someone explain what to do… dummie-level I am afraid,




You should search for the image in your theme folder. By the looks of it you will need to change the image color from black to white.

wp-content/ themename/images/main-menu-bg.png

Dear Hawk,
I feel utterly stupid… but themefolder? The only images I can find are in the media library…

If your website is live you will need an ftp client to login to your server and navigate to the path that I specified, from wordpress dashboard ( media ) you will not see this image.

Dear Hawk… ahaaaa! feel slightly less stupid now, this will work out fine I guess… i’ll let you know thanks!!