Change Background image

I am using
I changed all images for first banner and Ads images except The last banner with this text :
Unfortunatuly I deleted all images from media library Then I dont know how and where can I change the background image for this banner.
Please help me.
Thenk you

About The last banner with this text :

I think this ection has come from the page “Shop4”. If you go to edit that page “Shop4” you will see that page has used Visual Composer to build the content and you will find that section. You can edit that section and set background image from there.

Go to pages click edit for page ‘Shop4’ then in visual composer editor go to section/row for ‘FASHION SHOW COLLECTION’ then click ‘Edit this row’ (pen icon) then will open a popup for Row Settings there in General Tab scroll down you will find Image option to set with parallax settings. Hope it will help you to solve your concern.

you can ask your question with that item author @p-themes here in your item porto WordPress comment list

Even if you want to get support from that item ask for support here

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Yes Thank you.
But I deleted all default theme images from media library.
Can you tell me what is the original image size for this banner?
Teach me to find the image size .
Thank you.

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in demo they have used 1970 by 808. But I would recommend you use 1920px width and height as you need/want but you can try with 1280px