Change background colour of Carousel Pro

I am using the ProBiz template and have added the Carousel Pro to the top of the Home page. When I use the inspect option in the browser I can see the following: {
color: rgb(255, 255, 255);
background-color: rgb(17, 147, 212);

I need to change the background colour to white. I can do this in the browser/inspect but don’t know where to do this in the files. Any help appreciated.


Hello @hefinw

Thanks for purchase from envato market, you inspect elements that’s fine but you have to pick class and give css to that class and add in css file

ex: .classname

you can contact author if it not work

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, firstly I don’t really know which css file to edit and am not sure how to set a class, are there any instructions avalable? When I use pagebuilder to edit the settings for this module there is an option to enter custom css but I have tried that without success. Probably because I need to name a class somwhere? Am I on the right track?


Hi, in that case provide url and screenshots of the required area. Or provide screenshots of the inspect option (as large area as you can capture) you did. Thanks

Hi, the url is www.areliconsulting and the problem I am having is with the background colour of the slider at the top, it is currently #1193d4, I want to change it to #ffffff.

Sorry -

Website is now available, thanks

Hi, I have found an option to include custom CSS in the Carousel Pro edit options but not sure if I am doing this right. From the attached images you can see that I have included the custom CSS (if it’s correct?) but should I also include a CSS class here, if so what would this be? I don’t know how to do this or whether I am on the right track or not.



You can go with:


You can set this css into your theme style css file at bottom.


Hi mgscoder, that worked great!


Hi, very happy to know. If solved then please make this topics solved. Thanks

How to make this solved? Thanks

you have to click on the Tick button besides Share/Reply button. Thanks