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I have an issue with colors. I use the plugin “event list”. Look at

You see an eventlist, there are squares, the backgroundcolor is light gray, the font color is white. Almost unreadable. First i tried to change the colour in the plugin, but the author says there is no possibility to change colours in the plugin. The only way to change te colors is in the theme, but i can not find where to change te these specific colore. Other website using the same plugin use different colours so somewhere it must be possible.

add the following code to your site’s CSS:

    .event-list .start-date, .event-list .end-date {
    color: #000;}

replace the ‘#000’ color code to any color you need

Thank you verry much, this was usefull and it fixed my problem. Thank you.

Excuse me, here i am again. This sollution does not work anymore

Try this
.event-list .start-date, .event-list .end-date {
color: #000 !important;}

No this does not work either. It t worked but after som updates it doesnot work anymore…

Try this:
.event-list .startdate, .event-list .enddate{ background-color: rgb(169, 169, 169);}

Thank you, but this doesn`t worke either.

Hi @michel1967,

Try not to add your CSS code in theme “style.css” file or in the plugin stylesheet. Every time each of them gets updated, your changes are lost. Please add your code in Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS or in Theme Options > Custom CSS section (I believe your Avada theme has it).

The lastest code snippet from @EigerThemes actually works, but the “Event List” plugin seems to be loading it’s style at the end and therefore overwriting your changes. You should try adding the code in any of mentioned sections first, and if it fails contact @ThemeFusion_Support and ask if it’s possible to force the Avada theme to use custom CSS code.


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We work directly with Events developers to ensure compatibility with every release, pro and free versions.

Please open a ticket for us so we can check it out. You can do so by following these steps:

If you’ve made a ticket with Events author, let us know the ticket number on your support ticket so we can collaborate with them.


Thank you verry much this time it works. thank you for the solution.