chances to get hard reject

hi there.
i have got a soft reject on my first item and i’m asking about the chances between getting hard reject and soft reject again

i did all required fixes and submitted the item for review 1 day ago ( i can’t wait :worried: )

Mine got soft rejected 11 times and there is guy who has got soft rejected 28 times. So my advice is, focus on your next project. If this is your first submission, expect this process of soft rejection to continue for a month or two.

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so i’m far away from hard rejections ? @PlayerThemes

Once soft rejected, you can be sure of getting the theme accepted at some point of time.

The only thing you should watch out for is resubmitting without making required changes. Take your time and only resubmit when you are sure that you have fixed the issue. Don’t resubmit without fixing the issue.

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Thank you @PlayerThemes you are the best here :slight_smile: