Chances for moving forward ?

So, here is almost finalized track. What is chances for approving, advices, and, may be, tips as for category ?

this item will be rejected, I think

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Unusual music for this place. But still you can try… Good Luck.

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So, you assume same reason a DPmusicStudio suggested?
Track is a bit raw, of course, and mixed/mastered on quick hands, for first result. I`ve produced few tracks for some movie, movie maker grabbed other my tracks though.
So, question is track not meet AJ format matching, commercial value?

Thanks mate for listening, and kind words :sunglasses:

it is a cool track… and sounds very creative, with very creative atmospheres…! :slight_smile:
I listen a strange note on 0:09… and 0:27 etc… maybe it can be enough to be rejected here.
I think it has some weird synthesized bassline sounds… I don’t know , maybe you can try to send it but in my opinion this track sounds very far from the standards of AJ
Anyway Good luck!

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