Champion of Rejection

Hi, everyone!
I think, i’m a champion by rejected tracks for last months, and I’m begging somebody for help.!)
I’m asking you to tell what wrong with my last rejected track.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will help me!


To me, the main issues are:

The claps, they sound way too artificial and they seem to have a weird short reverb on them, that just doesn’t sound good.

The main melody instrument (instruments?) also sounds short. I don’t know if it’s the reverb or if you have some sort of noise gate that eats up the tail of the notes,… but there something weird there as well.

The last part, starting at 1:50 is unusual. Why bring up a piano for the outro? It changes the sound too much, and the transition to it doesn’t flow well.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you. I’m also hope, that after changing it will help me.
I thought that piano part good for ending. Do you think it’s better to left some ukulele and guitar for ending?

Yes the piano brings up a different vibe/atmosphere, at the end of the track. For music for media, you want continuity. So keep committed to your initial instruments.

Great thanks! I’ve got it in many of my rejected tracks, and if it really so important for reviewers, hope it will help me alot!
And I’ll try to make claps and melody better too.
Thank you!


to my ears, the main problem is the guitar and ukulele. They sound weird and unnatural like they were samples or if played just heavily edited and chopped. It doesn’t have the strumming vibe you get when you actually play an ukulele. Also claps feel like in a bedroom and the timing is a bit sloppy. Outro is weird. I can hear a definite ending in 1:51. Try something like that.


Thank you. Maybe I’ve overcompressed ukulele. I’ll try to fix it.
About claps, yes. Now I hear it.
Try to fix all problems.
Thank you!)