Certificated Authors: Approve items automatically without manual review

I can understand if an author is new and has the first 50-100 items to submit and must be manually reviewed and “guided” to Envato’s rules and quality standards.

It make no sense making a single queue “waiting for approval” even for professionals that submit quality work for years now.

Once that an author understands what the requirements are, knows what to submit and is not his interest submiting low quality items because the main reason everyone uploads here is because they want to sell (…or maybe someone uploads items just to test his upload speed? I don’t exclude that :slight_smile:

Why a professional would like to have low quality items in his portfolio here or anywhere else?

I’m asking Envato if is possible to have items approved without a review if the author is well known that is submitting quality items. This will free the review queue and optimize time for both Envato and authors.

OK. Let’s assume that in the near future there will be “certificated authors” that are approved without a review (another badge by the way :-). Then after In 50-100 items they submit a “low quality” item in terms of Envato quality standards. How to find it?

A. Comments from users
B. Report a low quality item button
C. The fact that an item is not sold at least once in one year can be a signal for Envato and author that is not suitable for the marketplace or is low quality.

I’m sure that you can find a solution in order to avoid more that 3-4 days of queue for all the marketplaces.

Automatism for proven “quality authors” can be the answer.

Now while I’m writing I see my 7 AudioJungle items that have from 5 to 18 days in queue waiting for approval.

Kind regards,
Daniel Macovei


Sounds like a good idea, Xylote! Though as SpaceStock pointed out below there are a few problems with this concept which I also agree with. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see what the staff think of this idea.

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Terrible idea in my opinion…

  1. Nobody is perfect, and as much as they might have a track record of uploading good items, everyone has their off days… so it;s possible that items will be live on the site that wouldn’t have been approved otherwise.
  2. One year with no sales is a long time to wait to find out that something shouldn’t have been accepted in the first place.
  3. A low quality item button would either be ignored or open to abuse. If a buyer isn’t interested in an item due to low quality, then they’re not going to want to spend any more time on the page than they have to. Sure, it’s only a click, but ‘aint nobody got time for that’.
  4. Everyone forgets something at least once in a blue moon. What if you forget to include the help file, or some other item that is required to use the item? Yes, you can fix it once you find out, but how many bad reviews are you going to get in that time?
  5. How would it account for “items we’ve got too much of”? Those change over time so stuff that the market was crying out for back in the day, might be over saturated these days.
  6. Same when it comes to quality standards… you may know what is good now, and what is likely to be approved, but that will change and evolve over time. What would get approved this week might not be what will get approved this time next year.

Anyway, if you don’t want to wait three to four days for approval, then you could always upload your items three to four days earlier!


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