Certain parts of the site are in dire need of improvement.

Biggest problems/pain points for a long time user and customer:

  1. The experience of browsing themes is broken and requires too many clicks. As the number of themes increases, the ability to browse them must also become easier or you are letting your customers down and making it harder for them to make purchasing decisions.

  2. Ability to tag and like themes instead of using an archaic bookmarking and favouriting system. Again, as the number of themes increases and the need for those themes is increasing you need to improve ways of categorizing, organizing, and referring back to those themes (that your customers may want to buy) is more and more important. Right now it is super difficult to do that.

And could it be any more difficult to provide feedback on a site that I use almost everyday? Like holy fuck you don’t even have a general category for feedback on this forum. What’s going on??

Overall, make it easier to browse and buy themes and your sales will go up. There was a time when a marketplace for Wordpress themes was not taken seriously. Today, it is probably your biggest money maker… you guys win! That’s great, but you have to keep innovating and improving the user experience for your customers!

That’s all I have to say. Thanks

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