Cera theme style modify

Hi all,
I would like to modify the style of some boxes, articles on the Cera theme, within it in the Knowledge Base (by Echo Plugins Team). The Echo Plugins Team said this topic is for the Cera theme support, they cannot really help me.

  1. In the Knowledge Base we have some container (like BXT Help, Architecture, Structure, ect.) and witin that we have a lot of categories with even more subcategories. But we don’t see them falling under each other like in a File Explorer. (sorry for my paint skills :smiley:)


  2. We have some subcategories that don’t contain anything yet and some that do. could this be somehow distinguished (for example, depicting as bold what already contains an article)?
    Current version:

What we would like to see

I searched for the CSS file for this section but couldn’t find it. Does anyone know where to find it?
Unfortunately, I cannot submit the URL because it only works on the internal network.

Thank you all for your help and ideas in advance as well.