Celebrating International Women's Day with eight of our incredible female designers

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we’ve featured eight talented female artists from the Envato community. You can find out more about @a_slowik (portfolio), @frimages (portfolio), @Webvilla (portfolio), @telllu (portfolio), Pixel Colours, Kaleriia, NassyArt and EvgeniyaPorechenskay in this article - all with inspiring portfolios, and some words of wisdom for other women working in creative industries.

Who are your favourite female artists, musicians, developers, designers, videographers and photographers in the Envato community? We’d love to see this list grow - so please share links and other details in this thread.

If you work in an area that doesn’t have much gender equality in 2021, that’s worth acknowledging too. Choose to challenge it, seek out and celebrate the achievements of women in your industry.


Congrats to our many female authors! And a special shoutout to our very special moderators @MrsEnabled and @hevada :tada:


Amazing portfolios created by amazing women across the marketplaces!:partying_face:

Lots of love to all of the featured female artists and all female creators on Envato. Keep on going, keep on striving, keep on creating! You’re all an immense inspiration for all aspiring artists.

Thank you @KingDog for the shoutout. Happy to be part of such an inspiring community :heart:


Hi @BenLeong ! We started congratulating “our beloved girls and women :heart:” before you @BenLeong (Envato) :blush: ! We (authors) are a little ahead of Envato’s official congratulations by a couple of hours! :wink:
Here’s also link to the topic! :arrow_down: :blush:


Happy Women Day :heart: :heart: :heart:


That’s awesome - thanks for the link, and thanks to @WormwoodMusic for starting that thread :heart:


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