Celebrating 1500 sales!

It was a long road, but today I have sold my 1500th track!


Good Job! Congratulations!

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Great! Congrats!!!

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Congrats ! :slight_smile:

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Huge congrats mate!!!

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Congratulations bosone!!! I wish you creative inspiration and good luck! :sunny: :tada::notes::musical_keyboard::guitar::trumpet::saxophone:

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Thanks everyone!

Congratulations!! :trophy: I’m nearly there too! :grinning:

Congratulations! What an amazing milestone. :tada:

Good work and congratulations!

Congratulations ! Awesome achievement!

Many many congratulations!!

Great! Congrats! Lets prepare a party, where we should come? :smiley: I will bring beers

thanks! :slight_smile:
unfortunately, since the post, the sales counter is still fixed at 1500! :

Congratulations!! :tada::tada::confetti_ball::tada:

You’re one of few who still sell tracks here :slight_smile:

Keep it coming!

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Congrats man! Wish you more and more sales!

Fantastic, a lot of congratulations! :slight_smile: