Celebrate 9 Wonderful Years of ActiveDen & Win (Winners Announced!)



Nice selections, @loghmanmaroofi8! Don’t forget the tiebreaker too!

Tiebreaker: “ActiveDen has been a blast and I’m sorry to see it go because… “ (Complete the sentence answer in 25 words or less)

####Good luck!


I liked making animated and putting it on the market activeden.
Embed image Bhatt first explosion was the last post for activeden.


Sometimes the changes necessary for progress.


Change is good
But we must also keep memories


The animation and game are beautiful.
But have to say good bye


good bye activeden


This photo is very beautiful.

  1. Favorite Overall Item on ActiveDen:
    3D Realistic Snow, AS2 / AS3

  2. Favorite Site Template:
    Pocket Christmas Card

  3. Favorite Game:
    Cat & Mouse - AS3 Game

  4. Best Cartoon or Animation:
    Love Hurts E-card Animation

  5. Best Unity 3D Item:
    Gravity Gun Script

  6. Funniest Item:
    Save my Dog

  7. Tiebreaker: “ActiveDen has been a blast and I’m sorry to see it go because we all grew up on it and the whole creative world will miss it“.


1.Favorite Overall Item on ActiveDen

2.Favorite Site Template

3.Favorite game

4.Best cartoon or animation


5.Best unity 3d item

6.Funniest Item


7.Tiebreaker: “ActiveDen has been a blast and I’m sorry to see it go because i really like flash products and this was the best place you could find them,i hope CodeCanyon will become a good alternative. “


Too bad OXYLUS isn’t anymore on activeden :slight_smile:



Here is my entry:

1- Favorite Overall Item on ActiveDen
Flash Banner Creator and Rotator

2- Favorite Site Template
Ultimate Creative Template

3- Favorite Game
Unblock It

4- Best Cartoon or Animation
Warm Night Christmas Card

5- Best Unity 3D Item
Guitar Unity

6- Funniest Item
Love Hurts E-card Animation

7- ActiveDen has been a blast and I’m sorry to see it go because it helped hundreds of developers demonstrate their talents and inspired many to join the community and share their passion.

  1. Favorite Overall Item on ActiveDen: ColourShift XML Website Template by digitalscience

  2. Favorite Site Template: Full XML Website V3 by BurningRabbit

  3. Favorite Game: The Fish Game - Eat or Be Eaten by fernandovn

  4. Favorite Animation: Puppet Christmas Card XML by Kontramax

  5. Favorite Unity 3D Item: Medieval Battle 3D Game by adrianulima

  6. Favorite Funny Item: Love Hurts E-card Animation by henlook

  7. Tiebreaker: Sorry to see activeden.net (flashden.net) go, I had great time here as an author and I grow and learned many interesting stuff with this big community.


Hey viptechnology, please provide a link for the items :wink:


Ok MarcoSecchi, just added the links.
I think you got the hard part of this competition, to choose from so many great files that are here on activeden.net

Good luck to everyone.


####Time’s up! Our contest is now over now that our deadline has passed. Thank you so much for all the entries! We’ll be announcing the winners next week (sometime before October 9) so look out for the results next week! We’ll also contact all winners via e-mail next week.

###Thank you so much to everyone who entered! :star:



Many congratulations to our four winners below! Everyone wins $50 Envato Market credit and a Won a Competition community badge!

  • farazkelhini
  • mnopal
  • MbrEffects
  • MoCube

Many thanks to everyone who entered and to Marco, ActiveDen Senior Reviewer, for reviewing all the entries and picking our winners!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and we’ll be in touch with all winners this week to arrange prizes! :star:



Thank you so much Scott and Marco for your kindness.