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@jamesgiroux Great job ignoring all our questions and concerns for the second time in this topic!! Lately it seems that Envato doesn’t care about Authors feedback at all because you completely ignore us, and it’s not only in this topic…

We raise again our concerns hoping that you can give us an answer:



3- What is Envato actively doing to promote new items? We’ve heard again and again in this topic of authors who are holding to publish new items because of this terrible experiment. Again, with this it only seems that you care for a small group of best sellers, not the entire community…

4- Now categories are showing “best sellers” by default. Envato already has a “Popular items” category, which has almost exactly the same items that are shown is best sellers, so what is the point of this? Again, redoubling efforts on showing items that are already best sellers instead of worrying about tryeng to help new great items gain well deserved exposure…


well said.


Let’s say the old authors will survive somehow… But the new ones, who just released an item? What exposure will they have? Did you think of it? What sense is to become a new author on envato if you publish by default the best sellers?


This market can meet everyone’s needs but greed is a bad thing.


Perhaps the real motive of all these “experiments” is to destroy any desire of new authors to work in the market? I see no other reason…

Envato do not need to kill newbies, please.


Of course Envato will see an increase in sales if they show users the top files with tons of sales and ratings. Those files have those sales for a reason, they are good themes and probably better than most of the new items but this what will happen in 2, 3, 4 years? There won’t be any new themes. Only those really popular one selling over and over again. Well maybe. Who knows.

Envato need to satisfy the best sellers by giving them even more visibility or else they will just go away.


“We believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow. We believe people deserve to earn a living doing what they love. We believe in making it easy to get things done.”

Here’s what they say on

So not showing new products is your way of making good ideas grow?


Haven’t seen you around Dany, where have you been :slight_smile:


Hey, still grinding :slight_smile: Almost done rebuilding my code from the ground up and then I’ll code this :



ADP is one of the best moves Envato has ever done.


Even a lamp can understand that by killing new authors it will be just a matter of time until Envato will begin to fall apart.
At least new marketplaces will rise and end this money driven charade.


What the purpose of such a test?
25% of users that looking for an AE logo template see these ugly 2011-2012 templates. A lot of people don’t have any sense of style or any knowledge about motion design trends. They buy these animations and lose their clients.

Does anyone know when they stop the experiment?


First couple of pages with the new items … Scary as hell !


Sir ,
Please stop A,B,C,D Experiment . Almost All Author’s income is decrease 70%. Buyer Will be select their choose filter . For that reason we can’t submit new item. We completely Involved in Themeforest Income . Please make it default like before. I hope you understand



TF Not understanding how much times we spend to making a item :sleepy::sleepy:


I believe in Envato. May God give us patience, wisdom, and strength to work, work, work diligently.:pray::pray::pray:


When will authors start understanding what is truly happening?

  • Envato does not need more themes, files, etc
  • It wants quality items that have a large enough income on those items so that the author doesn’t lose interest which for the buyers can be bad, support, updates etc.
  • They want to promote items that have a large amount of sales.
  • Authors need to understand that Envato is not here to help you in terms of marketing of new items. You need to promote these items yourself.


If that’s the case, they should take other measures (as other markets have) like restricting new authors, or placing some sort of barrier (in other markets you need to show previous works and be approved before being able to upload a product) That way it will help keep the “quality over quantity”

Again, the market is becoming overly saturated because Envato doesn’t have a good quality control…some of the items being approved lately have serious issues (a while ago we even saw approved a template that used comic sans, no joke) also, there’s a lot saturated categories.

Besides, what they did goes against the idea of “quality products”, like we mentioned on another post:

We don’t think that people are asking for marketing campaigns for new products, none expects that, they are just asking that Envato doesn’t bury the new products and gives them a chance to become into those quality products with lots of sales, :slight_smile: if not, what’s the benefit of being an exclusive author if authors have to do all the legwork (besides having to compete against Envato Elements)?


I am really curious if they will announce the result of this experiment.


Yes will declare and it will sound so : we leave it forever.)