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Please try in incognite window. You will see different sort method every times.


In incognite mode, the same is a except for photodune. 3 times tried, even cleared history. Google Chrome browser.


Yeah, it seems they stopped this experiment completely. Very good news.


I want to hear who saw the same thing? Is this part of the experiment? Or no? Authors, please check your search results! What do you see now?

AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

I also have


Today on Graphicriver first page loads is “Newest items”
In menu stands Sort by: “Best rated”


This is the scariest time for me in Videohive… if this continues and they leave current “experimental” settings I will need to abandon envato as fulltime job and search for alternative income.

If so, it might be no point of updating old items anymore with current “experiment” newest items / trending items default settings. The only way is to spam new small projects. I spent 2 years developing one of my projects. Now during experiments its dead. Like all other my constantly updated items. Its crap.

Whats left is not to update but make versions of versions of versions of same item instead of updating it. Envato wants that? Its a self destructing path.


Unfortunately, I could not find my popular track, and even when I switch to “Best Sales” or “Best rating”, it does not work for me! Switching between modes works with an error! When selecting the category “Best rating” items are opened without any rating … this is first page :joy:


Great news that the experiment is over.
But, unfortunately this month I added a lot of new products, they were all approved during this “experiment”, and they were left without sales…
This is sad, but I hope it will be better in the future. So far, February has been the worst lately.
I want to believe that Envato received the results of the “experiment” and something will change, so that non-elite authors will also live on the market!

Thank you Envato, we believe in the best :slight_smile:


Who told you that the experiment is over?


Looks like search is back to normal. Sales are still gone


So it may be just one of the experiment cycles when we see “newest items” on the main page by default. Nobody announced the end of the experiment


@jamesgiroux it’s showing “Best Sellers” selected in filters since yesterday but latest items are shown. While testing would be fine, breaking things live is quite appalling.


Any info on how long these experiments will going on?


Damn! We lost about 50% of sales this month…


It has been 5 days from your last answer. Don’t you think as authors, we deserve more info regarding this experiment? End date, what decision will you make, etc?

Thank you!


And another 2 days have passed. Still broken with “Best Sellers” selected by default yet showing newest items instead. This not only makes Best Sellers filter useless, it also sends the wrong signal.

@KingDog @BenLeong


Hi @jamesgiroux, this was recommended to me by a colleague on ThemeForest. I think this is the correct way to sort by rating:


This experiment killing my sales… no sales whole week on my exclusive account (900+ item) . Usually i have atleast 1-2 sales per day in since 6years authoring here. Last december hugely affecting my sales with envato test/ changes. all my graphicrver non exclusive item are on shuttr*, p5, cm… one thing i see, sales might lower compared to here, but its growing on those markets. Same as envato experiment, im also gathering data for my strategy, Bis nature etc… change my exclusive account to non exc are one of my consideration.


Ah, that’s why all my sales are super down and I’ve got totally no sales for my new items this month… lol

It was never like this before, always after I’d upload a new items they had sales in a few days. Thank you Envato!