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I think I’m going to have to eat rice for the next 2 months


I said it last time… When you want to buy a new car… what do you expect to see in the showroom of the car dealer ? old models or new ones ?


I wonder if they even read these complaints. :roll_eyes:


Hello. You have slightly changed the structure in the search engine site. The search engine filter first shows only trend projects. And new projects are not visible. It turns out that new projects cannot be trending due to the fact that the buyer may not notice them at all. And continue to buy only those projects that have already gained ratings for several years.


Isn’t it time to stop this experiment? I think over 1 week is enough to gather your experiment data. Never expected that your “Trending” badge was introduced to shake the sales as Envato needed. This experiment has already much ranking shakes for some categories!
@jamesgiroux can you please reply her at least once everyday?


Sales have stopped…follower also we want to be on the main page.


Very bad sales. hasn’t been so bad in a long time!


What are you talking about. Elite authors have a lower percentage of the author fee (12.5%) and the same buyer fee is applied to their items.

We get the full sale price? Cool, didn’t know that.

Envato is of course earning with sales of Elite authors…

I advice you to read the author terms you already accepted as you seem to know very little about the way this market works but keep on ranting everyday.


We are an power elite author and we also noticed a decline in sales in past 2 weeks in average then few weeks before.

This week started promising will see. Last year was much better. However this years February has only 28 days which I have to take into account, will see the statistics at the end of the month, but somehow it shows still 10% drop from last year.

Keep in mind envato is measuring cumulative conversion rates, which tend to pile up.
Maybe I am wrong but wouldn’t it be great if some focus author group were created on which statistics could be done on conversion rates, not just all together impact, or you are doing just that? Not sure.


so what does it change anyways ?! for your information, i said “correct me if i am wrong”, so u did and as regard to reading terms, well if u spend your time reading them, i am really happy for u , as for me i did not learn them by heart and have other business to do, not to mention that i am not concerned about this part of it and i am even less likely to be concerned about this any time soon thanks to the genius strategy that they have opted for! indeed, one way or another , whether u like it or not, it does not change anything , in the end , they are more likely to promote some items that they have a minimum of gain with … if u think that this is a great strategy , even in their own perpective, i do not feel the same and if u do not agree , i could not care less, this is my point of view and i am expressign it!

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let’s face it, Dany, this makes no sense at all, how can a marketplace look lively? by showing new additions … plus what are recurrent buyers looking for? well this is more likely to be brand new stuffs … they may have bought or reviewed the other ones … so this strategy is just a joke, i do not know what is the purpose for this?! and who is benefiting this in the end … (apart from a few elite authors, maybe, i am not even sure …)

well indeed for us in asia this is rice and this is potatoes for europeans , but in the end most of us will be having decreasing money , this is for sure … last week is already proving it … especially at a time that there are many issues with salesin usa with what is going there , what is the genius idea they come up with? to pull down the sales of most of authors!

they should most importanly learn to start working in partnership with authors rather than imposing everything to them , regardless of consequences that the people who give them some material to sell have to deal wuth

well teh problem is that we could all see it coming … so why was this done all the same ? are we so much geniuses to anticipate what was logically going to happen ?

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I don’t turn on my PC &
I want to have a rest until the Experiment is closed. Reason is Sales:0 Page Views dropped from 200-250 to 8-10 (((


I don’t have any drops with this experiment, (11.02-17.02 )week has more visits than others for last 2 months

no not all guys are full time but one way or the other it doesn t change anything ,… all people depend on the money they make here and thus have interest in working strategies …

It seems like this experiment is going to end. Right now if you select a category it shows the newest items. On the drop down is still selected the “Best rated” option but it shows the Newest items! Can you please have a look right now and check if I am right or wrong? Thanks!


Yeah, you are right

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In some categories like this - - it looks like a mix of “newest items” and “recently updated items”. Still not sure what will be the result.

I’ve noticed when you refresh page it sets “Newest items” for 1sec and then switches to best rated, but results are same as with Newest Items option


yes it works exactly as you describe. Lets see…


Strange, but I see only newest items everywhere (even after updating the page). With the exception of the photodune, there are still “trending items”! Does anyone else see the same?