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Experimenting how to take away more as possible buyers to Elements and Market destroyed with such decisions…


LOL as if pushing a lot of oldies , successful, yes but that all people have seen already or even bought was going to boost sales lol we have to deal with a bunch of visionnaries lol

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we already feel the effects of huge strategical decisions … sales in usa are down teh kerb … and what are people doing some gambling about old successful items … lol

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well u have to make sure of converging interests for this lol

You’re totally right! and not only 8 years, in the first page of PSD templates there’s an item from 2009… TEN YEARS AGO. @jamesgiroux please, tell us what’s the logic behind this, just take a look the first page is filled with outdated designs, only 8 out of 30 items are from 2017 to today and out of that 8, only 3 are from last year, all the 22 others are way older!


Do you think that having items from 10 years ago in the first page is the way to go? Customers are gonna see that and rage quit because that’s what you are putting in “the front of your store”. Again, it’s like you guys didn’t even think about the change before making the experiment. Who thought that bringing outdated items to the first page way a good idea? We’d love to hear a good reason for this experiment.
As we told before, with a new item we partnered up for, we went from number 2 in the list, to second to last do you think that’s fair?

PS. Sorry if we seem a bit too blunt :slight_smile: , but this is our team livelihood, and we’re already experiencing a decline in sales, Envato maybe doesn’t care about the decline in sales in the grand scheme, but we do.


I’m just part of the machine so I’m not taking sides all way long until I gain profit. I think you do not understand basic thing.

Envato will not do any experiments to ruin marketplaces or limit your sales, they have no any benefits from it. We are on the same side with Envato. But when you think and create your perspective you should consider:

Authors take care of our item sales - Envato take care about overall sales

So, in short, that means until 1000$ stay1000$ until end of the month they do not care from who that profit coming. If go lower they change strategy, if goes higher they stick to it.

At the end experiments are good. But experiment execution in this specific situation is bad. They already know that but they can’t revert back, simply must stick to plan, in order to compare profit, time must pass.

Stay well, cheers. :wink:

LOL well i do not know what u are talking about, obviously they will not ruin on purpose unless they have some interest to do something even if this is not authors’ interest (we will then feel they ruin but they just serve company interests) … the thing is that some decisions are not good, period and they seem not to manage to analyse that what they are doing right now this is not good for them either as it makes no sense … as i mentioned previously , this system with best sellers being given super exposure is basically helping elite authors (and promoting old items) , but, as for i know , elite authors do not bring fees to the table , they get the full price of what they sell … in other words, envato is promoting some items that will bring them nothing , so how do u call this?! the strategy of geniuses?

maybe u do not identify about it but criticizing is not motivated by pure happiness to have to do … not even by personal interests sometimes, some guys like me really like this place and they would like it to evolve in the best way, not the other way around …

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if tehy want a solution, i can provide them with many … so that guys more easily find what they want and the first one is just to get rid of old things that do not have any sale in many years … can u fgure out that some guys have portfolios made of 3K items and that 700 items have never sold at all …

and as for what you said this is true , some of us have energic reactions, there is nothing personal in all this , we just would like that our voices to be heard sometimes and that our opinions could be taken into account sometimes, too , this is not as if we are not concerned at all afterwards …


It’s so sad to see what’s going on here on AJ…
Users see Best Sellers (mostly old, outdated) using the search and Best Rated (which is almost the same) when browsing categories.
Some users switched to Elements but not all authors can have their items there.
I don’t upload here very often but I spend a lot of time on each track or logo. And I get close to 0 views and almost no sales on new items.
If this is going to continue I think it’s better to remove my items and upload them to another music library.


February 2019 worst month in years


Your last sale was $20 3 days ago.

Good Page Experiments. Newest items almost without sales.

Thanks, lots of motivation

But honestly, this is a good decision about page experiments in February than in April (as 2 years ago)


All newest items are without sales, and without views. “Awesome experiment…”


For me too . 0 sales and 0 pageviews on newest items …
Last sale - 4 days ago .
When will this experiment end?


This is normal?
Most authors work for you at full time.
And here they are informed that within the framework of the experiment (how much is not indicated) everything will change, and in the meantime, the authors are losing their money.


Your experiments are hostile towards non-elite authors! It is better to cancel them, I see a drop in sales within 3 days!


Sales were good before the experiment. Now they have stopped completely :expressionless:


Interesting to know this has happened before with similar results. I though it was just elements and a general market slump. Sort of encouraging to know at least a part of the drop in sales is from this (something which is temp). Would appreciate if you stopped now though. :sweat_smile:

Please let us know as soon as it has stopped, thanks :slight_smile:


Good idea, it would be cool)

I left the PC for 2 days and everything is clear, I thought I was working a little, it turned out that these were changes on the site. I keep my paws up for what they all adjusted in the best direction for the authors)


This experiment is bringing the status of Envato down. Every category is showing 7-8 years old items. I am still getting good sales from my old items. But this is not good for the long run. Customers will run away from a site which sells age old designs.

My advice for Envato staff is that please stop following low quality websites. I know from which website you guys are stealing all these ideas. The new envato thumbnail style is taken from that website and now the idea of showing best rated items is also stolen from that site. You guys should know that you guys are copying ideas from a website that has no credibility. Envato has its own customer base and please don’t ruin the trust of customers for the sake of copying other website’s stuff.