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I have only one question here :
The default Display will be ‘best sellers’ Forever ???


We are afraid it’s forever


This decision is a complete disaster. They even removed the “new category page” now, it’s just best sellers again now, at least that’s what I’m seeing at the moment.


every day, I read this topic with deep sadness …
about future, my team, my family, …


same here. If this is not stopped (sorted by best sellers) all new items made no sale also in this April 2019. Graphic river is the only one source of my income, now seems dark future.


Now everything became clear! It is a pity that you made it in the market envato. Perhaps we have become unnecessary. For you, most likely it is beneficial to develop envatosites and envatstudio.


It’s really bad idea


All authors should stop upload new product.
Envato doesn’t need them.


Envato depends on authors but all authors should stop upload and remove items on Elements unfortunately there is no other way…There is no benefit from writing here simply no one cares, only money and subscription loss on Elements can bring improvement for Market otherwise there will never be better here.
The world has become a place where only profit is important so here too, nobody cares how many authors and their families live from this market, they make stupid decisions and always hurts authors.


the preview system is absolutely awful here and is definitely not selling, they have started to arrange for search engine (this is fine now, inspiring from some other places) but for portfolios nothing have been done, which makes no sense at all , this is flattening creations this way to display items and quality is not springing out in the same way, i assume that not only is this a bit decreasing the selling and conversion potential that envato has right now but in addition this is being harmful for people who turn out to offer good quality items …


u know any other way than the economical / financial one to make mastodons listens o what u have to say? lol as for me i do not see any , the problem is that such strategies would depend on a great majority of authors to do the same and i tend to believe that this is very unlikely to happen …


why do u think that they try to push “place it”? this automated joke … this is why i warned a lot of guys about the minimalistic style that envato was expecting to install in GR … this is sort of a way to prepare buyers and the platform to say “ok, we do not need designers anymore”. Fortunately a lot of buyers are clever enough to understand that the additional value that this place turns out to have is designers’ creativity and the attention and detail that they bring to the table … (what automated jokes will never be able to do …)


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