Category Page Experiments



You say that I am ready to vote for you in the presidential elections. :smiley::+1:


Hi @jamesgiroux

I just wanted to report that the category pages --> sort by trending is still not working. I have reported this here earlier and communicated with a developer through support yesterday. Still the bug have not been found/fixed.

The problem is that only top sellers with the blue trending icon and old irrelevant tracks from 2011-2012 area are turning up when you sort by trending.

Anyway, my point is just that I hope you take this into consideration when you look at the data from AudioJungle. I would assume this bug, which have been there at least the 2 last weeks, will influence all the test results from AudioJungle to some degree. So just something to keep in mind.

Looking forward to the end of this experiment and hope Envato got something out of it. Maybe some of the results will show that some markets are overfed with the old rigid best sellers?




Top post on this topic, but it will fall on def ears! Salute!


Is the test over?


Dear Envato team!!! I think that immediately after the search experiment it would be better to temporarily prioritize the search for new items(for search queries) that have been downloaded recently, otherwise all the new works of the authors would be in vain … I think many will support me…


In a world of fashion and more with the technology that changes every day, they try to sell products from 5 or 6 years ago, which are only maintained and are not even updated. This experiment is like saying I want to try a square wheel. DISASTROUS


Can you imagine this tremendous amount of new items that will be uploaded after the announcement of the end of the experiment?


They`ve announced review cancellation about a year ago… maybe the time has come…


Absolutely agree!!!


And all authors would like to hear the answer from envato team .


we can only dream about it))


As I see now, all new themes are invisible, but when I come to some category, for example Nonprofit I see the first theme which doesn’t have any support and the latest update was 2016. Why don’t you use the old algorithm? The latest theme or the most Related theme is more logical. In this time all traffic goes to Avada, X, Enfold, etc. What should do usual authors?


I just realize on homepage of videohive there is no more files from authors you follow! I think this is not good. Some buyers love to stick with authors they follow. What do you ghys think? I have a very bad sales since december. :cry:




Capitalism without moral boundaries leads to the same totalitarian social apocalypse that fake communist regimes used to sell us in the East European block… So my point is connected to three very important questions that WE ALL, as a tight community, need answers to.

  1. Before you, as an Envato leadership team, decided to implement these experiments, were you aware that all our new items, uploaded recently, will become almost invisible, and if Yes, why didn’t you warn us not to be super active in uploading until the experiment us done?
  2. Before making such huge decisions why don’t you make polls, ask the community for ideas for the best ways to conduct such an experiment… Or you did ask just a few favourite authors and the other 99 percent are just sheep in the Envato herd, who need to be sheppered into Elements style markets?
  3. What if authors decided to make their own community experiment now and delete all of their new items uploaded and Reupload them again, after the experiment is done, so that they find out if the reviewing teams have the same levels of professionalism (As an experiment) and to get the much needed shine for their new items, which by the way have taken weeks to compose?!

You would be super mad, super aware that a whole month was lost, the sales graph will be sloping down, the reviewers would have been wasted a whole month of hard work and let’s just say it like it is - it would be a Disaster!

Well this is how most of the community feels right now, my dear Envato leadership creative mates!
I love Envato and Audiojungle, and the last five years i put so much time and resources into my career here, because i truly feel that I am a part of a super special community!
So please, don’t avoid our questions, feelings and suggestions, and PLEASE find a way to make it up to the whole community in some beautiful way that a truly creative team, like yours, could come up with!
P. S. Hint - New competitions and contests, giveaways, maybe even create an Author Day, with no Envato fees for that special day and most importantly: NO ELEMENT BANNERS ON THE MARKET!
Thank you for everything, Envato! Respect to all the authors and Long live this beautiful community!


I noticed the following for codecanyon on “PHP Scripts” category:

  • If I logged in, The default sort by is “Best sellers”
  • If I’m not logged in, The default sort by is “Newest items” and sometimes becomes “Trending items”!!!

I hope these experiments to finish as soon as possible


After 1 month category experiments if I review my sale I can see Per week my sale was around 15% decrease or increase. So, average sale was normal for me. But I stongly think Envato should to show Newest Item first for category pages. As we can see for marketting each store use a tag New Arrival to attract the customer and would like to introduce their New Arrival products to customer. In this way I think Envato will focuse most recent approved Items first. Otherwise customer will not be notified about newest approve Item and by this all Author will loss to present their Item quality to customer and Author will get a big loss from here. In search Filter there are many options (Best Rated, best sallers, Trending … etc) to search a Item. So, any customer can find their required features Item using search filter but at first I think should to focus Newest Item to customer. I believe Envato will take the Perfect decision.


very cool idea I support this :kissing:


also different browsers shows different algorythms