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Maybe you are right, but for me this is the first time (from the start of this test) that I have “Newest Items” as default. We will see.


Envato proved last year they only care about the bottom line and not the authors that supply them with content. Remember the fruitless debate over removing the credits system? I no longer buy from Envato because they treat you guys like crap, ignore your concerns, constantly answer with the same repeated ‘form’ responses, and compensate you so little for the tremendous efforts you put into your work. I watch the free content, snatch up what interests me, then, if I use that content, find another way to support the Author… outside of Envato. This way, the author gets the compensation they deserve. I’m quite surprised there are so many here that swear by this business. If by saying this, I get kicked out, so be it… I really won’t miss it.


With this system you have destroyed my envato dream …

an item that has already been sold and received a star is brought to the fore. A really wrong policy. :angry::angry::angry::angry:


If you continue in this way, you will no longer have a community that produces content. reason ney hımm “envato is trying something new” do not try our labor is disappearing :angry::angry::angry::angry:


Only 2 sales in 3 new projects really annoying


We are really experiencing the poorest sales for the March month due to this. We generally don’t comment on sales ups and downs. Usually March is our best month in first half of the year. But now we are in a position that we may not make 50% of what we made 7 years ago in March. That is how the sales are now.
Still we are uploading files every week. We think envato is also suffering from low sales. May be that is the reason they are doing this. Hope things will get better in the future :roll_eyes:


me too


We published a new Magazine Theme couple of days ago:

The first 2 day “visits” were about 1250.

This was more than 2500 + on our previous themes.




@jamesgiroux when even POWER Elite Authors are complaining about this, but we don’t get any new kind of response it seems that you (we mean Envato…this is NOT personal) just really don’t care about what authors think…that’s really sad…
tagging someone else to see if anyone can chime in…
@collis @BenLeong @KingDog

P.S. By the way, @fuelthemes that’s a really incredible and great looking theme, that amount of work really deserves all the exposure it can get :wink:


The worst period for last 2 years on Envato for me. A/B/C/D experiment definitely went wrong for non-elite authors.


Sorry to tell you but what makes your item different than Newspaper or MagPlus I know your item looks more modern with different design but for me it just another theme with many demos without any real niche, I think Envato will not stop this experiment unless authors understand what makes a good theme is not the number of demos or features because the market already filled up with many items that bring a huge number of demos… Themes like yours are killing the industry slowly.


This is not item discussion man :slight_smile: The point is that new items get half of the traffic they used to get.

Keep working till you get there :wink: GLWS.


It’s not about the item it’s about the experiment of sorting best sellers items by default :wink:

@fuelthemes forget to tell you good luck with creating theme with million demo keep working until you create the next Newspaper :grinning:


what a shame envato what a shame


Dear Envato and @jamesgiroux , how many authors you need to complain before you finally understand that your experiment sucks? are you waiting for 18k+ replies in feedback from every single account on AJ? Sales dropped dead! Its a FACT! How many complaints do you need to give us feedback about what are doing and what are you going to do to fix this situation? Are you going to fix this???!!! Or a dozen of Top authors is enough for your market? Please tell us and we will not lose our time any more at your marketplace trying to gain sales. Ive got 244 items in my portfolio and 6 (SIX!!!) sales for two weeks of March. In my case its a year and a half of everyday hard working and now its worth nothing???


@MomotMusic Yeah it’s been a month since the experiment started. @jamesgiroux Can we at least get an update on the process of it? Or roughly when do you expect to end it for all the different marketplaces, so we could plan out our new releases accordingly? (since now it makes no sense to release anything new lol) Thanks!




You don’t just say something like this without further implications. What are the chances that this will become permanent after the experiment is over? I understand that you run the show and the final word is yours, but the authors at least deserve an honest answer because any such changes are having huge impact on our business and everyone has bills to pay.


All that you describe is tactical actions with an increase in general indicators for the month.
Strategy - what will be in 3-5-10 years
What the changes show is a rise in total traffic and a drop in sales.
It looks particularly bad that there is no point in creating new projects, since they are sold poorly or almost not sold.
Low sales - will motivate authors to look for another place to generate income.
What does the fall in the quality of the market Envato in the long term.
Trends go away, old projects lose their relevance, the market becomes uninteresting to the buyer.
Just a few words on the elements.
Of course, it is right to attract a new group of customers to the envato market.
But the advertising of the Elements on the Envato market pages looks like internal competition.
Did you meet Audi ads in auto shows and on Skoda or Volkswagen sites? Or advertising Lexus on the site Toyota? Maybe BMW advertising on Rolls Roils? Or Chevrolet advertising in the Cadilac?
I doubt it …
These are examples of how large corporations occupy different markets with different products without creating internal competition.

Everything that you do is similar to tactical actions with an increase in general indicators for the month.
Keeping authors interested in creating new content is a strategy for results for 3-5-10 years.

Based only on tactics - you can win the battle but lose the war.