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From my view the biggest question I sit with regarding this experiment/overly sales number focus/the search engine in general:

Why would you use the same sales strategy for music and wordpress themes for example, or any of the other markets for that matter? It’s such different worlds and surely it must be worlds that needs specialised experiments? Some products are more timeless, others not so. Ratings are interesting in some markets, others not at all.

Just because your living room is awesome with a carpet floor, does not necessarily mean your bathroom should have it too?

How about hiring some more specialists for each market? Could that be an interesting and lucrative investments for the markets in the long run?


Yeah, and Netflix doesn’t need to add any new stuff since they already have more than you can ever watch in your life, they should just promote the best shows they have right?

Come one, you know better. You are so biased because you have two 4-6 years old themes that suddenly got more traffic because they now appear on the first page of directory themes and you like it a lot.

Envato was always about giving the opportunity for anyone, anywhere to make a living. That’s why it became so popular to begin with. Now you want to shut the doors and get rid of new and creative stuff so you can continue selling your themes without any competiton? That’s called greed.

If it’s not Themeforest’s job to promote items in any way, why are you on Themeforest? Why don’t you have your own shop? Because they DO promote you and you want to be promoted even more so you can continue making money of your old theme and not create anything new. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you are working full time on your existing files and if you are, kudos, I’m sure they are great products but to assume that those are the only products needed is foolish. What will happen 4-5 years from now?

Anyway, you just reminded me why I wasn’t involved in the community anymore.


And by the way, this new directory theme (26 days old) sold 138 times so far …

And according to the best sellers of last week, he’s 4th. Imagine if the recent theme were promoted normally.

Not bad for a new theme. But we probably don’t need them right?


Also, I don’t really understand your logic.

Looking at your website, you are a team of 4.

Looking at the best sellers in directory themes (which your 3 themes are) you made 34 sales last week.

For an approximation of $1557 unless you sold a tons of extended license, which I doubt. Out of my 17,347 sales ( + 10,114 on another account) … 1 was an extended.

So if you split 25% each … that’s $1557 a month each.

Don’t you think it’s time to make a new product maybe?

And following your logic, new themes shouldn’t be allowed on Themeforest, so basically, you guys are skrewed?


Hello! Could you give us an answer?


Worst thing i’v ever seen, Hope @collis speak like past. I’m uploading my item here but I prefer to run my own shop in this situation. We have many problems with envato market such as long time review ,countless taxes and both percentage & flat fees!

But this one is not really tolerable …

Envato remember you are big but you are not the king, Everything has a certain limit.
We make you big stone by stone, All the authors! Even top authors was newbie a day.

You are doing many unequal things since the company moved to that damn country.


What kind if stupid things you are experiments which is really bad things for the new item. Please stop this.


Hi James,
1 year ago I pushed new update for one of my WordPress themes it was expensive update therefor I contacted the support asked them if it possible to put the item at the top of the category page, The answer was already known for me but I was just shaking the water.
I ended up by reducing the price so the item can be shown if people sorted low to high price my results were great, So I really hope if these experiments will help the market even the fact it’s really started to hurt me :frowning:


Hi @trent-aus

Just wanted to inform you guys that the trending search function is not working in many categories at AudioJungle. In for example Electronica and Funk/Groove etc items from 2011-2012 shows up, many with zero sales.

Thanks for looking into it!


Actually quite bad, we hoped for more :wink:


Really? Damn, sorry to hear that. Well that experiment surely didn’t help.


fingers1 howtocross1


Nothing wrong with Comic Sans :



Hello. I noticed recently that my sales have fallen by about 60% at Audiojungle. New quality items do not recruit sales; they are equal to 0. My old works that were worse in quality recruited sales. This has already been going on for month. What to do not elite authors?


It’s currently showing newest items by default.


On WordPress Category it is still Best Rated showing first when you are logged in…


this is one of your many worst decisions


Check this theme, not only the design isMEGA outdated, it also hasn’t been updated since 2015. It is triggering sales right now.



Me either. And I have no sales drop… But! We here not for the first year, and we have items that customers can find through the search. New authors suffering more than others.

Anyway, I have several items to upload and I’m just sitting here waiting for the end of the experiment. It’s already 2 weeks by the way.


Different browsers, different devices - different results. It’ A/B/C/D test