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You are right and not in the same time. This is a correlation between conversion of hq products and focus of attention to the new items. This is satisfaction or not from authors support and services - all big boys from each category do it with highest level. I think this is just a compromise between quality of Envato services and lives of new authors if this sorting will be switched to any other type from Newest.

PS. I do not call for anything and do not complain on this - it’s just my thoughts :slight_smile:

the current system was as equalitarian as it could get , so why changing it ? this is my question , if people want to find ways to make it even more equalitarian , i have a good number of suggestions by the way but no one has never asked anything …i am sorry also but best selling items do not mean best quality … this is not as if we were not all aware that a lot of items are not necessarily over the others but are given a better ranking or other exposure so that it sells … and that customers rarely go through tens of pages to find the item that they need …


“Best rated” or “Best selling” are items in most case that the Envato has promoted. Every author knows how difficult it is get rating for items without Envato help. This is not fair play to the rest authors.


besides al ratings are underevaluated as most of the guys who have somethign to complain about come to rate when people who are satisfied do not always do … as they do not takr the required time unless u had to assist in a way and that they want to show support and satisfaction

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Very bad. You ignore new authors.


You are right, they ignore new authors, this is very bad.

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Does anyone know when this will end?


They ignore all authors except top authors!! Best selling items already have huge monthly sales, even without this aggressive promotion by Envato, so I just don’t get this move.
It favors only a small percent of authors and it’s generally counterproductive!


This is extremely concerning for us. We have been developing a product for TF for the past 2 years, and are now extremely concerned that new items will get zero exposure…


Seriously…not again ???
It was a disaster last time…
The algorithm is not good… when i click on logos… it’s sorted by “trending items” but it’s not trending items that are displayed…


very surprisingly enough, no sale at all , now! that would be great if envato could stop playing with the lives of people who make them live! and carry out some "experiment " regardless of what is resulting from their “geniuses strategies” for authors … besides , as we are talking about strategy, we are talking about such geniuses that the guys were quietly explaining to us that they were going to develop a market that already provided over 80% of the sales - when some huge potentiel markets still need to be developed , such as india, china, russia and more - by simply moving to usa. INdeed, that means a lot when it comes to how thoughtless all the decisions turn out to be. Well in the end , my personal sales in usa dropped from 80% to hardly 50% sometimes! The only thing that the thing brought to the table is an additional fee from irs, thank u very much!
besides as we are talking about things that should stop , envato shold stop thinking only about investors, shareholders and “supposed strategical interests” of theirs or other “development issues” that end up being pure speculation … we are the ones creating the interest of this place, not some people sitting quitely back home and waiting for the big pay check, we thus all deserve a bit respect and consideration and at least be consulted for major decisions
what about trying to do something about reviving usa sales now?! instead of inventing some crazy stuff to make our lives more difficult?


it’s like when they were expecting to boost sales by moving to usa and tried to develop a market that already provided 80% or sometimes more of the global sales. it makes as much sense indeed

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Whooaahhh… Now I know why my page view is dropping by 50% this week. Well done :tired_face:

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This depends on the marketplace. Because each marketplace has a different level of traffic, the experiments will end at different times to ensure we have enough data to process.

Yes. We understand that experiments like this impact authors differently. That is why we are only exposing 25% of traffic to each sorting method. It also only impacts category pages. This does not affect search results.

Yes. We do projections and forecasting and try to know as much as possible the short and long term impact of changes before making the decision to go ahead.

Nothing that I am aware of. Until the experiment is finished, and the data is processed, we are not making any conclusions or decisions about what happens next.

Yes, we compare to the results from the same time in the previous year.

Thanks for the feedback. I think this is definitely something worth exploring and I’ll feed this back to our product team to think about and explore further.

Thanks for all the bug reports, we’ve done a number of updates to correct these. Please keep the reports coming in if you encounter anything that doesn’t look right.

Good feedback! We strongly believe that helping customers find the items they are looking for as quickly as possible (whether new, trending, best seller, etc.) is a sure way to grow author earnings. We regularly test and tweak our page designs (as we recently did with card layouts) to give customers more information to help them make decisions. Which items are presented and how, is an important piece of data that will inform future design decisions.

These types of experiments are designed to help us better match items with customers. The longer it takes a customer to find the right item for their project, the more frustrating their experience and the less likely they are to purchase. These experiments are designed to test things within the limits of what is there, before we make any decisions about what we might change or build next.

Sometimes the answers that customers give us in interviews or user tests are different to what they actually do in the real world. We need to ensure that our data is accurate. Real world testing at scale, enables us to get the clearest picture of how customers behave, which in turn, means our focus remains on the things most likely to help them purchase.


Thank you for your answers.

For AJ, this is exactly why we have spoken up in so many threads that new extra high quality items needs to be taken into account. The current system rewards price dumping, relentless quantity, self purchasing and self rating. With ADP the game has changed completely and does not harmonise anymore.

Sadly I see several tracks that I’ve reported for self rating/self purchasing on AJ turn up in the page categories when sorted as best seller and best rated. Tracks that got short time punished with removal in the popular list, but are now back and harvesting the benefits of their destructive behaviour.

Reward those who play fair and have intentions to generate income for Envato instead. Then the market place would evolve (at least this is true for AJ/music). This needs urgent attention, and this is where the quality and real money can be harvested in the long run.

I’m sure the marketplaces react very differently to these experiments (in the long run) and I hope you zoom in on each one of them.

Thank you in advance for understanding our concerns!


That sounds like good try to answer something that has sense, unfortunately. Interviews have nothing with real-time, real-world A/B test, all should go first to a limited number of visitors and…but never mind.

I do not have anything against experiments, especially if they will bring more profit to all just there is a smarter ways to do it.

Why did you delete "Best match " option ? Is this temporary?


I am ThemeForest author (HTML/WP) and I can only say that I am super happy with my sales in the last 2 weeks. Not sure if this is only the result of this experiment or there is something more but I am vary happy with situation at the moment.

Ok, I have not add any new items and don’t know how effect will have on new one, but my existing items are selling vary good and not just one item - all of them.


@jamesgiroux seeing that you chose to ignore our question (or we didn’t make it clear enough), we post it here again:

What would be our incentive to upload new items, knowing that they’re gonna be buried below piles of already established items? how can we possibly compete against that?

To grab some concrete numbers: out of the 30 last new items (uploaded inside the experiment time frame, up to this moment) 19 have NO SALES, 10 have only 1-3 sales, and only 1 has more than 5 sales… when almost 2/3 of new items have no sales, don’y you thing there’s something wrong or that has to be changed?

We mentioned this is a previous post:

Don’t you think that having items that have up to 6 years with really outdated designs in the first page will lead to more frustrated customers? Why not keep things the way they were, with the more fresh items appearing first, and then users could chose if they want to filter them by best rated


Hi everyone, after reading the thread, it is clear that most authors are dissatisfied with this test and I fully support them. In my personal experience, when the same test was in 2016, sales fell, and all newly uploaded files had no views, they hung without sales and I had to remove them from the portfolio. With the option of the “best sellers” or “trending” in all categories, new items have almost no chance of being noticed. As long as such a search algorithm does not make sense to upload the items. I have already read the answer about the duration of the experiment, but kindly requeste, to report at least approximate period of the algorithms “best sellers” and “trending”, thank you.