Category page experiment update & new Category page design for WordPress

Just give us an answer for this question :
Is this change in sort filter permanent or no ?
if no, please tell us when the ‘newest items’ will be again the default sort filter ?
I will be very grateful for your answer


Authors with the new,fresh work :smiley:


From Envato’s statements - Yes, These changes are permanent, at least until they get all results from new categories pages design impact.
Only design of categories pages will change in future. And only in case of falling conversion default sorting method might be reverted. But In near future it is 100% that everything will stay as it is

As James said

So I don’t understand, what exactly everyone wanna hear?

At AJ we have not had much Envato response to our “petitions”. I do however think they have value as collecting data for authors interest and thoughts that might come handy at a point.

Maybe a survey/polls could be arranged by some authors aimed at all authors (or as many as possible). To collect feedback on a few more uncomfortable questions that Envato won’t ask the community? Maybe this won’t have any effect, but at least the community could provide the Envato top leadership with some statistics as well.

All new products have no sale.
Why we still upload new product to envato ?
Envato doesn’t us !

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About 1-2 days on Videohive Homepage.

Did you have stats how many costumers do such things? :slight_smile:
I think the percentage is very small looking back at current sales of new items.


I think they want to ignore new authors and items.

I agree with you. Since the market was already saturated.

They have no other option to stop people uploading new items so they changed the search algorithm.

Now everyone knows that there is no use of uploading new item.

But the fact is they only don’t want to get the popular item disturbed by sales.

They already stopped marketing the items in 2016 as before that they use to market every new item uploaded and they want to save the marketing cost. This is most disaster when entrepreneurs starts thinking of saving money by cutting the cost. This is my own personal experience.

I think this should be other way round. They should promote new items so that people can have new designs of the Era.

The popular items should be in the best seller category which is already there and when a buyer visits envato he/she should see the new item first and then have an option to see the popular category like this they will have more better earning as far as I know the new item sale is more profitable for envato instead of elite author s they charge more commissions on new item.

At last but not the least there is no use giving suggestions because what I feel this is no more the market driven by the authors but the decision makers only. Since their market is already become the top market place for templates and themes and they en-cashing this advantages which is their right I think but if the do display the new items first then everyone will have the equal opportunity.

Otherwise this decision will only left in the popular items in the marketplace which are only 5% of the market.

They must think about it. They should also think that making an item cost a lot of investment and time is a huge cost and If this experiment persists everybody will leave the market and only popular themes will be their to display and other marketplace which has already started growing will grow more than this market due to people will focus more on other markets even the buyer since they will get more variety over there.

They should also remove the older items to clean the marketplace I.e.

An item will be removed if it meets the following criteria.

Older than 3 years
4 months No sales
6 months. No updates

Then the market will be not be overloaded.

Anyone login to their authors dashboard must agree to these terms and condition.

If the PSD is approved the WordPress or Html cannot be hard rejected because PSD is basically a design.

Like this the market will flourish again.

Many people will agree with my thoughts and many will agree. .

The people will stop uploading new items.

This is just my opinion.


I’m afraid it won’t work. We will spend lot of time collecting some data but no matter how big, their statistics data will still be much bigger and will be the one the decisions are based upon. This is a pure business decision, they are perfectly aware that 80%+ authors are going to suffer and still the data says it’s worth it. When you become this big, that’s everything that matters.

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What is worth? Means we should stop uploading new item? You mean?

What I mean is that petitions won’t help. Nor will this thread. If they are not sensitive enough to provide us with honest, full statistics and not just some one-sided manipulative data, I don’t think they will be willing to step up and listen to our complaints.

To upload new items or not is an individual decision. My advice would be at least work on another direction, diversify, because for the majority of authors who have relied on Envato and work full time on creating products for this marketplace, the changes for the last few years made by Envato have been (mostly) utterly non-beneficial.

To continue hoping for the best and not acting starting from right now would be like waiting for the rain in the desert. Unfortunately, for some even right now will be too late, should be a decision made long ago.

I was one of the authors working full time here. Then couple of years ago I realized that it’s not a sustainable business any more and diversified. Envato of 2013 was a dream come true, Envato of 2019 is for the dreamers who always try to think positive. Only this time, a huge disappointment awaits.
Just my 2 cents.


You are right.

But I think that is in their interest to change there business policy otherwise this market will crash rather will finish in a month or 2 this is just my opinion many people will differ. What do you say?

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It will crash only if it is outcompeted. As of today, there’s no other marketplace that comes even close to Envato’s traffic volume so no matter how angry or disappointed many of us are, it will continue bringing revenues to Envato, just the geography of authors will change.

The ones who realize they can no more rely on Envato will leave the marketplace, others who still see it as a potential nice income source will come and try their luck. Overall, the future and current authors with no bestseller items who decided to continue here, will always stay in non-beneficial position, trying to scrap pennies. The next few years revenues won’t hurt Envato and they will have no reason to go back to default sorting I’m afraid.

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I agree with you.

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All new products have no sale.
Why we still upload new product to envato ?
Envato doesn’t us !

This is not true, If you check WordPress Blog/Magazine category you will notice some fresh items make sales better than the less fresh ones


I think they want to ignore new authors and items.

Actually after these changes I see a lot of new items the number of approved items increased, Which is good thing


Now everyone knows that there is no use of uploading new item.

This is the problem most new items doesn’t offer real value comparing with the top selling ones, Customers can’t see design details as we do, consider there a lot of agencies who buy items for their clients this type of people cares much about time and cost so it could be risky for them to buy new design or the design of the Era as you said.

Hopefully we will get a reply soon

Hi everyone, thank you for your comments and the active discussion on this. We continue to monitor things and we are watching sales of all items across Market (especially new items).

The decision to set the default sort order to ‘best selling’ is not intended to be permanent.

We are redesigning category pages to be more inclusive of all types of items, best selling, new, curated, seasonal, thematic, etc. As the new category page layout is refined, the concept of a default sort order will no longer be relevant because the new default category page will include items in all sort types. Our intention is to replace the default sort order of all category pages with a new category page layout.

We are also exploring ways we can make new items more obvious to customers as these new category page layouts are built and launched. Those conversations are ongoing and if there are changes to be made, we will share those here on the forums. These conversations are actively happening now but I do not have a timeframe for when we will have something specific to share.

"So, how is this going to be played ? We all are going to speak up, feel better that there was some space to whine and get back to our lives because frankly no one from Envato cares enough to answer? Maybe one of the officials will find the honesty to say that’s the case or maybe just close this thread? Otherwise, 2 replies with laughable statistics were all we have got so far.

Brilliant community spirit we have here, keep up the great job, Envato! Judging from your answers, I am surprised you don’t use AI bots to post your threads yet, such a waste of valuable resources!"

While I understand that emotions can run high, I want to make it clear that we are humans, with feelings and a genuine sense of responsibility to do right by authors, customers and Envato. We read these posts and we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that there is a balance between authors, customers and the platform. Often, these conversations take time, which is why responses aren’t immediate. We discuss and research (and sometimes debate) the feedback from authors and do what we can to ensure that decisions are made with the best information available (including author feedback/input).

I respect every author who chooses to disagree with our perspective and decisions. However, I would urge you to consider that while it might not always look that way, we are your biggest champions. We use the best information we have to make decisions that we believe will improve author earnings, the customer experience and the sustainability of Envato.

One author here has mentioned Envato Worldwide. I will be there personally and look forward to having conversations with you in person about this and anything else you would like to talk about.


First, I really appreciate your answer and the fact that our concerns don’t end up sitting somewhere in your archives but are actively monitored. As I am the the author you quoted in your answer, I’d like to mention that such emotional responses are a result of you not communicating the full picture with us. As you stated:

Look, we are doing business here. And business loves statistics, as you will agree, otherwise you wouldn’t make this changes in the first place. But when I asked to provide full data, not just the best performers and Envato earnings but also the statistics on how it affected the views/conversions for the rest of the authors, I never got an answer. Can anyone please provide an answer or if you are not going to, please say so and I won’t waste your / my time. Thanks.


Thanks for the response. I agree with you on statistics and we are actively looking for ways to provide more information to authors. Internally we call these ‘signals to authors’. These signals could be statistics or announcements, or feedback, etc. In all cases we want to provide more and better signals to help you as an author (and often as a business) to make more informed decisions and ultimately be more effective and successful.

As someone who has met face-to-face with many authors, I know first hand the professionalism and dedication authors have to their craft and how they want the relationship to be with Envato. Thanks for your candour and for stating what you want.

I cannot provide the specific statistic you are asking for. We are using that information as part of our ongoing discussions to see if the sentiment expressed here is matched in the data.

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Thanks for the honest answer, James! And looking forward to see you in Los Angeles meetup. Also, I’d like you to know that I fully understand that while decisions about changes of this magnitude are made on C-Level, you are the ones to take all the heat, which is kind of unfair but that’s how it is. So please don’t take it personally if we get very emotional sometimes. We have families to feed and being in obscurity is seen as being totally neglected as authors, hence the emotional messages which are in no way addressed to you personally, but on decision makers.