Category page experiment update & new Category page design for WordPress

Not sure we want to deep dive into that topic on this thread. Giving authors full control of the price of their items has definitely had some positive and negative impacts. However, control for authors has meant more flexibility to choose the pricing they want and the growth they can sustain.

There are no plans now or likely in the future to go back to a format where Envato sets the price for individual items or item categories on Envato Market.

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Did the new category design improve conversion for items?

So far early results are very promising. Conversion is up a lot compared to the newest item default sort. But, it’s very early days and it would be unwise to comment or speculate further as the experiment is ongoing and things can still change.



Is there the ETA for the new category page?

Hi @jamesgiroux thanks for the update! As we said in another topic, [Petition to Envato] New Category Pages Design we think that the new categories design pages are a step in the right direction, we even proposed a few things to help the visibility of new and items that Envato thinks deserve more attention (because having the top sellers at the top will have very little change (unlike new items that are constantly updating) and having a “storefront” that constantly changes is better that one that almost always has the same items :slight_smile:
We know this kind of changes will take time.
Having that in mind, what are Envato’s plans to boost the new items visibility? Are there any chances of adding this in the meantime?:

It doesn’t even have to be with design, just adding the links to New Items, and Trending will suffice. But we believe that this simple change will really help new items and give the community and us a little peace of mind while you conduct the experiments. Besides, the design experiment is now only for wordpress, so other categories, like HTML will also benefit of this new links in the dropdown.

From a personal perspective, our team has been working for months on a new item, and it would be very disappointing to see it buried below a pile of best selling items, hope you understand.

Do you know if the conversion for new items also increased? Also, do you have plans to update the homepage? We’ve just proposed a new idea for the home

This will be really useful to showcase handpicked and the best of niche items, and will give exposure to items that, in other cases, will be buried by the top sellers. You can change the bigger ones every week to showcase new categories, like: Best Sports, Best Creative, Best Gaming, etc… This will help buyers quickly find what they are looking for

And as we said in another post, sorry if we seem a little blunt, but as you may know, some people does this for a living, and this kind of things bring an uncertainty to the team members families that’s really frustrating when it’s our of one’s hands. That’s why we tried to do our part offering new ideas :slight_smile:


Thanks for this great feedback and for the time and effort you’ve put into presenting ideas. As I said previously, we are evaluating these kinds of ideas for making newest items more obvious to customers and our teams are exploring options now. I don’t have a timeframe for what and when these discussions will be completed, but we are working on them now.

Your homepage concept is something I’m going to share with the design team too. thanks for the effort put into mocking it up!


At the moment, we’re running an experiment on a high traffic category (WordPress) to get a high volume of data as quickly as possible.

There is no ETA yet on the rollout and it would be unwise to specify it here. As soon as we do have more concrete dates, we will announce them here.

Hi James.

Thanks for your all replies.

We have checked out WP homepages and everything looks great. There just changed only homepage. What about Categories? You know that many customers search necessary items from categories as “corporate, creative, wedding, directory…etc”. Does your team improve design of sort of filter ? We think there needn’t dropdown filter.

And also after all changes HTML Templates design also will change like as WP?

Thank you and appreciate your answer !!!

Hi James, how do the authors promote new products if the buyer doesn’t see them?
Check out sales statistics for new items.
For the author there is no chance to raise sales if he does not have bestsellers at the moment.
What is the reason to keep working?


@jamesgiroux, Thanks for the update. I have been following this topic from the starting but this is my first comment.

So, for this time being, why don’t keep other categories as it was ( newest Item default shorting ).
These experiments hurting most of the authors. I will not argue with anybody. but I want to share my experience.

I mainly working on Ghost category for more than the last 3 years. At first, this category was directly in the menu bar like other categories such as WordPress, HTML, Marketing, etc.
After some time it was removed from the menu bar and now it is under “More”.
Those categories under more already lose it’s visibility. The current situation is worst than ever.

I have 1 item in top 5, 2 item in top 10, and total 5 item in first page in ghost category. And I am assuring you that I frequently update those themes time to time.

But those top selling themes are not being sold as it was before this experiment. Also the new themes are getting hardly any exposure.

I can’s say about big category like WordPress. but small category like ghost and others are really being hurt by this experiment. Don’t we expect some visibility as an author of small category?


No, buyers want what every other buyer wants. You know that slogan “A 500K+ user cannot be wrong!” ? :slight_smile: It’s just a money game …

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This is very great news! In addition to customer feedback I encourage you to consider having some authors feedback and thoughts involved more closely in the development of curated and thematic items in each marketplace. Definitely huge potential for customer growth here.

Maybe the most urgent thing now is to find some better solution for those who have worked months and years with products that are released in a very unfortunate time for new items? Can they be re released for example at a later point?

I also think one important cure for lowering high emotions is to communicate more closely with authors, just like you are doing now. Hope to see more of this. And thanks for being humans, it’s hard to know for sure in 2019 :slight_smile:


Envato lost market…

Due to the fact that he acted stupidly and began the struggle on foreign territory - “poor customer” territories

The graph clearly shows that neither the Videohive nor the Envato Elements could not win the competition with the Motionarray

You started a fight with those for whom you have no strengths and means

You opened the pandora’s box


See the WordPress blog magazine category page, even the new items of the POWER ELITE authors also have zero sales. Come on Envato. You should return the sorting as it was.


It’s only in case if you look at graphs, but when you look at actual numbers, so MA’s numbers still weak in comparison

203 projects have been added over the last week, 140 of them have 0 sales, 5 projects have 3 sales, the rest 1-2 sales. I doubt that projects on MA earn less than $ 10-15.


One reason - MA has Davinci Resolve category. That’s why it started to grow in January.
Videohive lose so many clients.

UPD: LOL, they also presented new category Premiere Rush! While Envato cut out Cinema 4D and “placed” Placeit instead.

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That’s another case. I personally won’t add any new items until everything is set up.
But overall numbers are still incomparable - it’s about wining competition. But it is growing and Envato should consider this

Hey mate. I would like to know, what “real value” actually means. 1000 in 1 theme with numerous customization options, I suppose? Potential customers of these themes are a “Curve Hand Agency” or these who actually have no clue about website development. Anyone, who has basic understanding, will never buy this item. Only 14% of US traffic tells everything. Envato choosed a wrong direction in marketing a lot of time ago, making ThemeForest a place where cheap Elements and such “Everything included, but actually Nothing” do rock. The truth is out there.