Category page experiment update & new Category page design for WordPress

This is not a good decision and it will downgrade all new items and promote old items only. So here are effects that will happen:

  • User will see same list in search as in the Popular Items menu
  • If a user want to search for a purpose than he/see can see most of items from Popular Items
  • New items will be highlight for some days when on homepage. There is no way to see new items
  • User get bored by seeing same items everywhere. This will effect in long time.

I strongly suggest to change it to Newest Items so new items can be promoted.

Even if you like to keep it than I suggest you to add new ways to promote Newest Items too. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add new link in menu for NEWEST ITEMS below POPULAR ITEMS.
  • Add a search box on homepage specially for newest items.
  • Add a dropdown after search box with default to Newest Items.
  • Find ways to help and promote Newest Items too.


Who needs these items? Check out latest update times.


All “Best Seller” items are known as “New Item”.
If current page experiment had been at that time, “best sellers” items would not be so popular now.

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As a result of these positive changes, over the next week, the default sort for these markets will be switching to best selling.

Forever ???

The experiment is causing this issue on all markers.

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This is how I see this experiment. Hope that Envato will bring back sorting items the way they were in the past.


Maybe if we won’t stop talking about it - Envato will do something. Let’s make this thread hottest ever!


You know what’s this so-called “Statistics” reminds me? Imagine there’s a flu plague that kills people. You invent a medicine that kills 90% of objects and 10% recover immediately. Then you proudly stand and announce the world that your miracle medicine helps 10% of people right away. Ok, but where’s the statement that says the other 90% die? This is exactly what you do with this thread, and it’s outrageous!

I wonder who was the person who decided to post this, what are we to him, kindergarten children who don’t know how simple math works? Do you even understand how offensive this is?

@collis I still remember the good old days when you would come and discuss our concerns. What has changed? I just want to understand, is this how it is going to be now? Do you even know about the magnitude of disrespect we are getting here? Or now that Envato is no more a startup we all became just statistics to you? This is exactly the feeling we get with your team member’s responses recently. Is asking simple human decency with your communication considered too much now?


@BeCreative My guess would be that they mostly don’t read these lol. We need to at least spam their support, constantly remind the customers what kind of nonsense they are doing or smth else altogether. Nothing will chance if we just peacefully express our rage in the forum that they mostly ignore and that doesn’t anyhow effect the marketplace or customers on the wide scale. That’s not how things change. But I guess again it’s their marketplace and they could simply reply “if you don’t like it here, leave”.


Yes, I support this.
I think the same.
It will be a little more effective if all here- send mail to support.
And explain own position.
I already do and left link by this thread.

Ok, let’s try

opps seems they tried to send us to the early 20s…not sure if those design worth to buy at this moment.

They don’t announce these kind of annoucement in author dashboard because they don’t want many authors to involve in this discussion.


What do you mean by over the next week? Please give us more details.


Please, return to the previous default sort, for the good of the new authors and Envato’s reputation!

Otherwise, you should implement new significant strategies to promote new items!

I hope you will listen to us, before a lot of new authors desert Envato!


I remember Collis saying something like, “Envato is as good as its authors”. That is back when Envato remembered why they do what they do!

Now it’s different … authors are not human, not artists, but just “data for statistics” ! … Statistics shows 5% growth, so **** off all you little guys!

Seriously Collis … is it a dumb robot from 90s who gives you this advise?

Envato always moved forward by the author who yearns to create the next big thing. Now the one who creates the next big thing never wanna publish it here … who wants to work on project for 6-12 months and publish, knowing that nobody’s going to see it!


My income decreased by about 40% :disappointed: during the experiment and if I upload 3 AE templates per week, I will not be able to return the previous level of income, 99% of new templates or not sold, or 1-3 units for a month are sold ( the quality of new templates has almost no effect on sales, which means that almost all users do not change the sorting).

Thank Envato for killing my desire to do something new.

Sorry for bad english :sweat_smile:


I always thought Envato was showing design trends, “keeping his nose in the wind.” It helped me to work with clients. With the new sorting it makes no sense to focus on Envato. I understand that 5% of profit is more important than being a flagship.


I am a new author, but I follow the market for many years. I didn’t have the right skill to work on it, now it has appeared, but the meaning has disappeared.Now new authors will work on MA and other marketplace.You will lose the most important benefits, such as unique and high-quality products, because it will appear in other small marketplace.

I beg like everyone else. Return the old display system
Or return the new product to the look, give chances new.