Category for Xamarin applications


Hi everyone,

I was looking for a suitable category for a Xamarin mobile application (iOS and Android) on CodeCanyon but couldn’t find anything. Would it be possible to either add a Xamarin subcategory under Mobile or maybe a Xamarin.iOS subcategory under iOS and Xamarin.Android under Android?

Xamarin has grown tremendously over the last year or two and the interest is only going to grow in the future. Partly because of the Microsoft acquisition and open sourcing the whole project.

I noticed that there’s a .NET category but even though Xamarin applications are developed using C#, they should definitely be categorized as mobile applications, not .NET apps (.NET source code snippets).

Any thoughts?

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Hi, any new informations on this? I’m also interested.


Reviving idea - full xamarin applications, but also xamarin forms templates would be very interesting!