Categories display issue

When I change or add a new category, it don’t display correct.
I’m using multilanguage site and when I add a new category to display in different in each language it display incorrect.
For example, I add the “News” so I configure [:ja]ニュース[:en]news[:pt]notícias[:], japonese, engligh and portuguese. Then when you access the category in the site the category suppose to display only the title in the each language, but it display all the code"[:ja]ニュース[:en]news[:pt]notícias[:]". The others categories are configured the same way, only when I add a new category it happens. So I create new category with the same name and sometimes it dont happens. Than I can use this new category and delete the others that dont display correct.
How can I create a category without this problem?

I`m using karma theme and qtranslate to create a multilanguage site.

I’ll be very grateful if someone can help me.


This is your purchase item support

you can ask your question with your purchase item author @TrueThemes right here as a comments

Hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thank you for your suggestion, but I already try to contact them and no response for months. I said that I’m want to purchase a new license, but for that I need help to check if the theme I’m using is the same I will buy, but no response.
I’m very disappointed and becaming tired too.

Thank for your email.

You can get in touch with Envato Support Ticket they would like to assist you.