Catalog widget

Hello, I am looking for a module that allows me to create catalogs and be able to insert them into different websites through a widget. Being able to import products into my database and generate an iframe to install them on different websites.

Advantages of using the widget:
Fast connection - in just a few minutes to any site on any platform
Modern responsive design - works perfectly on any device
Extensive settings - easily configurable from the dashboard
Custom style - you can control widget styles using css files on your website
A large number of features - our widget uses most of the features of our service
Presence of JS API - widget has built-in JavaScript API
No support costs - no need to monitor changes in service capabilities. They will automatically appear in the widget
Built-in protection against bots and through the measure of active users

Can you advise me of a program that does this?

Custom work. You can’t find it at Envato