Carpool - Ride Sharing Themes & APP ?

Hello, good morning, I need help, I’m looking for some theme and app, which is similar to BLA BLA CAR, a site that is to share trips, and buy places in a car to travel.

If anyone knows anything, please thank them for their help.

Nothing theme for CARPOOL RIDE SHARING?

Hi @ozalazar

100% custom work.

If you don’t have experience with development, you may want to check Envato Studio for freelancers who can do this for you.

im need urgent theme for install wordpress,… Free Lancers needed much time and HIGH PRICE of work 100% Custom :frowning:

196 car WordPress themes

98 car WordPress plugins

Well, that’s how custom work looks like :slight_smile: In no way it’s possible to have functionalities of multi-million company in a single $49 theme.

If you’re starting similar business model, you have to consider high expenses. If you’re designing a whole system for another business, you should probably ask for at least 5-figures number to compensate all the time you and your team need to spend working on it.

As per @AlekseyZhdanov suggestion, there are some basic solutions, but none of them is a pure car-sharing model, I’m afraid.


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