Career Guidance in the field of Video

Hello everyone,

My brother wants to pursue career into the field of Video. Now, since I am not from the Video field, I am unsure which things/softwares he should learn exactly.

Being experienced Video Creators, can you guide me which Tools and Technologies he should master at?

I have mostly heard about these terms VFX, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Animation etc.

Iam from India. Iam over 12+ Years In this field.

For Video Editing Here we Use AVID, FCP, Davinci Resolve for Films for editing and color grading. Premiere is taking Place recently But its not advisable if you are in india. For non linear Editing most of them use premiere.

For VFX and Animation its Industry standard to learn Maya, 3ds MAX and Nuke Is standard here

For Motion Graphics still using 3ds MAX for Most organizations But I left 3ds MAX 3+ Years ago after learning Cinema4d. If you are really want to join Motion Graphics. My suggestion is To Learn photoshop, after effects, Cinema 4d, Houdini

There are lots of things are getting mixed up like vfx+motion graphics now a days.


There are so many subcategories in the field of “video” that you will need to ask your brother what he wants to do.

You can be the guy who holds the camera, the one who sets up the lights for a shoot, a drone operator, a director, an actor, an editor, a 3d modeller, a compositor, an animator, a motion graphics designer, a vfx generalist, a vfx supervisor, a technical director…


Thanks for your suggestions @MotionMAX and @Creattive

Out of curiosity, why did you leave 3DS Max for C4D?

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I know those softwares are with different capabilities. But when it comes to matter of ease of work for motion graphics c4d is the best choice for me. For example boolean and dynamics is a very hard part in 3ds max for me.

Thanks for the info. Personally, I also use C4D and I’ve never tried 3DS Max nor Maya.

The Mograph system is the unique selling point for C4D, always has been and probably always will be. There isn’t really anything comparable in another 3d software

At least last time I checked.
Do you agree with that, @MotionMAX?


Guys, can you also suggest PC hardware for this? What kind of hardware is required to run these softwares and the costs involved?

What’s your budget? How much money are you willing to invest? 2500$? 5000$?
This is my personal hardware:
Motherboard: Asus Z370-E Gaming
GPU: GTX 1080
CPU: Core i-7 8700K
SSD: Corsair MP500

My budget is $1500 max

You should be able to get something similar to my computer but second-hand for 1500$.

Without knowing what field your brother wants to operate in, any recommendation is useless.

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As @Creattive said: Without knowing what field your brother wants to operate in, any recommendation is useless.
Totally agree. Maybe you´re trying to buy a good computer and perhaps your brother wants a good dslr camera with good lens, etc. Think first and then put your money in the right place, in my humble opinion.


Regarding the software and training, your brother may need to speak / get counsel with one or more multimedia training schools. That doesn’t mean he should join a class but counselling will give some clarity about software, trends and diversity of industry so that you can choose your comfort zone. That hassle is worth!

Regarding the PC, I would suggest to buy any PC with less than INR 80k with an SSD (atleast 128 GB), Atleast 16 GB RAM, a decent Graphics card and 21+ inch monitor. Better contact a professional PC builder having experience on video editing PCs as you may get better advice.

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Check this site to build a pc for specific vfx purposes:

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If he wants to get in to the Motion Graphics might this small introduction will give the some clarity…

in my opinion…

Yes You are right. But Houdini seems to be More Promising Now a days.