Car wheel store attributes building


I’m building store for car wheels. As you know, car wheels have different specifications for different car models.
My product table is built like:

Make | Model | Year | Wheel diameter | Wheel width | Offset | Pitch Circle Diameter | Centrebore | Brand | Model | Possible tyres

So each row in table is for one exact car model, and when I import these rows as simple product I’ll have tons of products with the same attributes, just for each car model.

Can anyone suggest some plugin or any solution so I could merge similar product (ones with same wheel attributes, just different make, models and suggested tyres) into variation and show in descr suitable car models with possible tyre sizes.
I need some solution to avoid excessive (?) products, but I also need to make possible for clients to search products by their car model. I mean, visitor selects his car, model, year and the filter will search for products which has the same measurements that visitors selected car model has.

I know theres many different plugins, but i hope u guys can suggest me the right one that could solve my problem.
Hope you understand my problem. If anything inarticulate, let me know and i try to explain :slight_smile: