Car rental website construction

Hello everyone, glad to be here.
We are planning to build an official website for car booking and rental, of course we mainly book limousine services online and customers can pay online.
Also we would like to build a membership system to give discounts to our reservation customers with different membership levels.
In short, we hope to manage our customers better.
But I have a problem, many plugins or themes are favoring car rental and don’t have a membership feature, I don’t know how to choose.

I don’t think you’d be able to find a solution as “out-of-box” option to be ready to used, you will need some modifications/customization at some point to achieve what you exactly needed.

If you have the budget, I’m available for freelance work. I’d be happy to help you on this project

Hi, nice to hear from you, are you talking about all custom development? Or is it supported by the platform

You may find the booking element or the membership part as stock but together is ambitious without it being purpose created.

The other benefit of custom work would be that you can refine how things like, feel and work rather then having a hacked version of someone else’s design.

Even more importantly you limit the risk around security and data issues which presumably given the level of personal information you are talking about is extremely important.

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Not a custom development from scratch but could build the features on an existing theme - it’d be more integration rather than custom development but yes, it’d be considered as “custom development”

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It would be a custom system you are looking for. @ki-themes has already suggested they could expand on features offered by an existing script, and that would be a good option.

I would tend to look at PHP scripts

And avoid ones using Wordpress, and the only reason I say this, is because you can adapt a PHP script to perhaps meet your expectations, but if you are relying on the core of Wordpress, plus multiple plugins, and then the theme, at some stage something probably will go wrong when wordpress updates, or plugins change.

@123Simples Thank you for your reply.
I understand that you would prefer to choose independently supported system features for my needs right?
But I checked and this is just the car reservation system and does not include the membership feature yet.

You can check this plugin: BRW - Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce by ovatheme | CodeCanyon

The closest options (if you want to use Wordpress) would possibly be:

But even then you would need to perhaps adapt it to your specific needs.

I prefer as you say independently supported systems - now whether that is because I don’t use wordpress enough to give a fair appraisal - but I do know that with wordpress, you have the following to always consider:

  1. The wordpress core - it is always being updated because although it is popular, it also is a constant target for hackers;
  2. Then you need the theme which needs updating;
  3. Then the plugins which need updating - the more plugins you use, the greater chance something will break down the site;
  4. The more stuff needing to work side by side ends up making the site “bloatware”.

There are 12 PHP items - perhaps one of these, and someone on this platform assisting to develop something customised for you. :slight_smile: