Can't view preview in purchased theme

I purchased a template and now that I’m ready to design the website, I cannot see the preview. I contacted the author, but they said I had to renew my support for $42 just to answer my question. I simply want to see my design options in preview. I don’t need technical support. Just the ability to see the preview. It’s “Pure - Spa & Beauty Responsive WordPress Theme” by 9WPThemes. They are listed as elite designer but why can’t I see the preview. Seems like a simple fix. Please help. Up against a hard deadline.

Tell them the link of the demo site is not working

If you want to start your website design then why you will choose a theme which is not uptodate. the theme:
Last Update 29 October 18

It may create multiple issues specially compatibility issues with latest wp. plugins etc.
As far I have checked and seems to me their server is down and live preview not loading.



I did contact the designer and they replied that I should purchase six months of support for $42 in order to get an answer. I will most likely just cut my losses and purchase a new one that works properly. My disappointment is that Envato has not corrected their website to get the preview to work. I use many resources from Envato and this is disappointing.

Thank you for your reply. One word explanation… COVID. I purchased the template early 2020 but the pandemic shut down my client’s industry and the new website was not needed. It was purchased when the industry and all construction was shut down. I liked the features (still do), but will find something else. It was only 14 months old when I purchased it.

I’m not sure how they are a preferred vendor with such a high rating when they do not respond. But when I couldn’t reach their site for several of their templates, I decided I would not feel comfortable continuing to rely on 9WPThemes for support I need and might need in the future.

While I can appreciate the frustration there is also no way for envato to monitor the status of the thousands of items for sale esp when they do not own them, nor are responsible for the demos etc. post initial approval.

They were reviewing and clearing our older and non working items but that process will inevitably take some significant time

Thanks for the clarification. I understand. Forever the optimist, I thought if I could get word to someone, Envato might have an easy fix. There are other, more up-to-date templates available and I am currently evaluating my options. Just don’t love having purchased a product that I can’t even use. Time to move on! Sigh.