Cant Upload WP Theme from Elements

I have an elements subscription. I downloaded the ESTA theme, but for days I have been trying to upload it and when it gets to 82% it tells me there was an error.

When I do purchase templates from Theme forest they upload quickly without a problem. I have re downloaded it several times and have the same issue.


Are you getting an error message? Have you tried uploading using an FTP instead?

No, I just use the Godaddy Upload tool, but everything else uploads except this one.

if it’s getting to 82% then failing my first thought is that the script to do the import is running out of memory, themes are quite heavy and if it has a lot of files it can be too memory recoursive for some hosts who limit their servers. As @KingDog said, upload it via FTP as that will remove any of the limitations of the uploader, if you are technically minded then you can try and update the memory limits in your server but not all hosts allow this.

WP has a function to do this -

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Thanks! Sorry I’m new at this.

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