Can't upload themes to

Is there any way we can make envato + themeforest themes compatible with ?

I’ve tried paring them down to the most basic essentials but they always exceed the file upload limit.

Thank you.

No, is only compatible with themes purchased on the platform. To work with w themeforest theme you need to purchase your own webhosting and install has unveiled a new plan which allows you to upload themes. However, if the upload limit is being reached, @uberbaum, I think you should get in touch with support about that.

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Oh really? Well the more you know I guess, apologies for responding to this with incorrect information in that case!

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It does appear that there is a 50MB limit to file uploads by default, and which is enforced by

I removed the documentation and thumbnails from my theme, recompressed it for upload. This brought it down from 55MB to 31MB. The upload succeeded, however I was then informed that theme archives cannot exceed 10MB in size.

I didn’t realize upon purchase that many of the themes were not compatible with, my preferred hosting provider. Since I downloaded this theme which I now cannot use, is there a refund policy?

I purchased the theme last night. Thanks.

The alternative is to migrate to another hosting provider. I am technical enough to configure a php + mysql server or use a cpanel service provider but security is important for my organization, so I need a very reputable provider that is very rigorously secured. Thanks again.

There is a refund policy, which you can view here. Since the theme file was downloaded, it’s up to the author to refund you as there’s not really a policy covering this type of scenario. You can request a refund here, make sure to explain the full situation.

Now, regarding the limit, have you spoken to They should be able to help you get around that… it’s not worth losing a customer over 10 MB.

As for switching hosts, if top security is a must, I personally can’t recommend any shared hosting providers since this puts security out of your hands. However, I know many people who use GoDaddy for their WordPress sites and have had nothing short of a great experience. They give you FTP access so you can upload large themes.

The easiest way to ensure a secure installation is to get your own server and do it yourself. If interested you could try DigitalOcean - I know they have plenty of guides on how to install it and secure the server (like this one).

Thanks :slight_smile:

1 Like support was able to change the drag-and-drop form to a file chooser form which doesn’t suffer from the file size limitation. Still not able to use the theme, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks for your help!


The alternative theme upload link that enables > 10mb theme uploads is here: