Can't upload Canvas into Wordpress


I downloaded Canvas and couldn’t upload into Wordpress. Said the zip file was too huge. Tried looking for the them file only in the unzipped folder but found only folders for Documentation, HTML, and some others. No zip file.

Can someone tell me where I can get the zip file for uploading?

Thanks heaps!


Hello there!

You can simply download the theme zip file only from your ThemeForest Downloads Section:
If you can’t install the theme using the uploader from Appearance -> Themes (because the zip file is too huge) you can unzip the theme on your computer and copy to your server (/wp-content/themes/) using FTP.



I don’t have that option in my download…

How do I get the wordpress file only?


That’s not a WordPress theme - you bought a HTML template which will not work with WordPress

Hmm… can i get a refund for this? I really liked the one page feature and had thought this would work on Wordpress.

You’d need to request it here. Technically if the file is not broken then there is no guarantee but only support can take the decision for you.

Ok. Thanks.

Dang… do you have anything that is Wordpress compatible that looks like Canvas? :disappointed_relieved:

It’s pretty multipurpose so most of these have tons of functionality and variation in both multi-page or one-page format.

Personally a big big fan of this one esp with the different page builder options.

Nice recommendation Charlie4282. Think I might actually go with this! :stuck_out_tongue: