Can't Upload any files (photo/video)

I’m beginer in this site
but have good account in another stock platform
I have message that i can saling, but when i start uploading files - envato crashed by error “whoops”

Can’t start saling too , because i can upload only motion templates
but i need upload videos and photos((((


I can’t see any Author badge in your profile. So, at first please become Author by mouseover on your Username top right then click become a Auhtor. Then you will be able to upload files for sale.


but i do this more than month ago
and any request

i send many times requset too (( and nothing(
for now i work with shutterstock
but really want to start saling on envato

i have this message

@Irina_Neva can you please provide a screenshot of the error you see when you try to upload?


Hi @Irina_Neva,

Thanks for the screenshot! I’ve just spoken to the developers who run that system and they advise that you need to submit a portfolio to become a Stock Footage and Photo author.

Details and links regarding applications can be found here:

That “Whoops” error isn’t ideal; I’ve let the devs know and hopefully we can get some better messaging there soon.


i was sending my protfolio 2-3 weeks ago
any request about accept or decline(((

Hi @Irina_Neva,

I’m sorry, I have no visibility into the turnaround time for portfolio review. You can visit the Author Help Center and open a ticket there if you wish; our support staff will be able to tell you.