Cant understand the reviewer

I submitted my wordpress theme more than 10 times and reviewer still not approving… :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:

Now reviewer sent me this:

A theme still looks pretty much incomplete and bland, major improvements are required:

what do i do…? :pensive::unamused:
please help me friends.

Hi @gurfix,

Your design seems a bit cluttered, there’s little to none visual difference between posts and sidebar. Each section of your design is too close together.

You use too many font variations. With only two fonts you use different size/weight/spacing throughout the theme. Try to use the same font options on similar elements, like post/slider meta, post/slider title.


if you are talking about the sidebar widget mixing. so it is bcoz the sidebar is fixed so this is screenshot problem.

No, I actually took a look at your live preview that you provided in your previous topic. I’m talking about the look of it, not behaviour.

Still, that’s my personal opinion, you may want to wait for another folks to share their thoughts :slight_smile:


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